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Optics Express

R. Liu, Y. Zhong, L. Yu, H. Kim, S. Law, J.-M. Zuo, D. WassermanWe demonstrate infrared light emission from thin epitaxially-grown In(Ga)Sb layers in InAs(Sb) matrices across a wide range (3-8µm) of the mid-infrared spectral range. Our structures are characterized by x-ray diffraction, photoelectron spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy and transmission ... [Opt. Express 22, 24466-24477 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Kyoji Matsushima, Masaki Nakamura, Sumio NakaharaA powerful technique is presented for occlusion processing in computer holography. The technique offers an improvement on the conventional silhouette method, which is a general wave optics-based occlusion processing method. The proposed technique dramatically reduces the computation time required ... [Opt. Express 22, 24450-24465 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

R. Degl’Innocenti, Y. D. Shah, D. S. Jessop, Y. Ren, O. Mitrofanov, H. E. Beere, D. A. RitchieWe present the realization of a compact, monolithically integrated arrangement of terahertz quantum cascade lasers with hollow metallic cylindrical waveguides. By directly mounting a copper pipe to the end facet of a double metal waveguide, it was possible to significantly improve the far field ... [Opt. Express 22, 24439-24449 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Néstor Uribe-Patarroyo, Martin Villiger, Brett E. BoumaIntensity-based techniques in optical coherence tomography (OCT), such as those based on speckle decorrelation, have attracted great interest for biomedical and industrial applications requiring speed or flow information. In this work we present a rigorous analysis of the effects of noise on ... [Opt. Express 22, 24411-24429 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Fu Liu, Tuan Guo, Chuang Wu, Bai-Ou Guan, Chao Lu, Hwa-Yaw Tam, Jacques AlbertWideband-adjustable band-rejection filters based on chirped and tilted fiber Bragg gratings (CTFBG) are proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The flexible chirp-rate and wide tilt-angle provide the gratings with broadband filtering functions over a large range of bandwidths (from 10 nm to 150 ... [Opt. Express 22, 24430-24438 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Lalitha Ponnampalam, Cyril Renaud, Martyn Fice, Rosie Cush, Richard Turner, Paul Firth, Mike Wale, Alwyn SeedsA simplified control system is described which uses only three point calibration to maintain the wavelength of the ITU channels of an uncooled DS-DBR laser, spaced at 50GHz, over the full C-band. Wavelength is controlled mode-hop free over a temperature range of 45° to 80°C. [Opt. Express 22, 24405-24410 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Zhengxuan Li, Lilin Yi, Weisheng HuIn this paper, we propose to use a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) in the optical network unit (ONU) to improve the loss budget in time and wavelength division multiplexed-passive optical network (TWDM-PON) systems. The SOA boosts the upstream signal to increase the output power of the ... [Opt. Express 22, 24398-24404 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

C. W. Chow, C. H. Yeh, J. Y. SungWe propose and demonstrate an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) radio-frequency (RF) power-fading circumvention scheme for long-reach wavelength-division-multiplexed passive-optical-network (LR-WDM-PON); hence the same capacity of 40 Gb/s can be provided to all the ... [Opt. Express 22, 24392-24397 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

C. W. Tsao, Y. H. Cheng, W. J. HsuehWe present occurrence of the strongly localized modes with high transmission in one dimensional symmetric Thue-Morse quasicrystals. This quasicrystal has some interesting properties, including (i) there are strongly localized modes in separated regions which are around odd semi-quarter-wave ... [Opt. Express 22, 24378-24383 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Kun Liu, Jiang Liu, Hongxing Shi, Fangzhou Tan, Pu WangWe report high power mid-infrared (mid-IR) supercontinuum (SC) generation in a single-mode ZBLAN (ZrF_4-BaF_2-LaF_3-AlF_3-NaF) fiber with up to 21.8 W average output power from 1.9 to beyond 3.8 μm pumped by amplified picosecond pulses from a single-mode thulium-doped fiber (TDF) master ... [Opt. Express 22, 24384-24391 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Tingting Wu, Perry Ping Shum, Xuguang Shao, Tianye Huang, Yunxu SunThe conversion efficiency of third harmonic generation (THG) from mid-IR (3600 nm) to near-IR (1200 nm) regions in a silicon-silicon-nanocrystal hybrid plasmonic waveguide (SSHPW) was calculated. The required modal phase-matching condition (PMC) between the 0-th mode at fundamental wave (FW) and ... [Opt. Express 22, 24367-24377 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Ashwin J. Shahani, E. Begum Gulsoy, John W. Gibbs, Julie L. Fife, Peter W. VoorheesPhase contrast X-ray tomography (PCT) enables the study of systems consisting of elements with similar atomic numbers. Processing datasets acquired using PCT is nontrivial because of the low-pass characteristics of the commonly used single-image phase retrieval algorithm. In this study, we ... [Opt. Express 22, 24606-24621 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Ondřej Mandula, Ivana Šumanovac Šestak, Rainer Heintzmann, Christopher K. I. WilliamsWe propose non-negative matrix factorisation with iterative restarts (iNMF) to model a noisy
dataset of highly overlapping fluorophores with intermittent intensities. We can
recover high-resolution images of individual sources from the optimised model,
... [Opt. Express 22, 24594-24605 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Qingyuan Zhao, Adam N. McCaughan, Andrew E. Dane, Faraz Najafi, Francesco Bellei, Domenico De Fazio, Kristen A. Sunter, Yachin Ivry, Karl K. BerggrenSuperconducting nanowire avalanche single-photon detectors (SNAPs) with n parallel nanowires are advantageous over single-nanowire detectors because their output signal amplitude scales linearly with n. However, the SNAP architecture has not been viably demonstrated for n > 4. To increase n for ... [Opt. Express 22, 24574-24581 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Sven Leyre, Jana Ryckaert, Paula Acuña, Jan Audenaert, Youri Meuret, Guy Durinck, Johan Hofkens, Geert Deconinck, Peter HanselaerTo perform adequate simulations of luminescent cascade systems, a hybrid method combining a commercial ray tracer and a programming tool is presented. True Monte Carlo algorithms for luminescent materials, treating each ray individually, are adapted to allow wavelength conversion of ray sets. Two ... [Opt. Express 22, 24582-24593 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Anatoli Borovoi, Yurii Balin, Grigorii Kokhanenko, Iogannes Penner, Alexander Konoshonkin, Natalia KustovaLayers of quasi-horizontally oriented ice crystals in cirrus clouds are observed by a two-wavelength polarization lidar. These layers of thickness of several hundred meters are identified by three attributes: the backscatter reveals a sharp ridge while the depolarization ratio and color ratio ... [Opt. Express 22, 24566-24573 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Kai Sun, Shengkai Wang, Ritobrata Sur, Xing Chao, Jay B. Jeffries, Ronald K. HansonCavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy (CEAS) using a mid-infrared DFB quantum-cascade laser is reported for sensitive time-resolved (10 μs) in situ CO measurements in a shock tube. Off-axis alignment and fast scanning of the laser wavelength were used to minimize coupling noise in a ... [Opt. Express 22, 24559-24565 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Huadong Lu, Xuejun Sun, Meihong Wang, Jing Su, Kunchi PengA single frequency Ti:sapphire (Ti:S) laser with continuous frequency-tuning and low intensity noise is presented, in which an extra nonlinear (NL) loss crystal is placed inside the resonator instead of the traditional etalon locking system. When a NL crystal is inserted into a home-made Ti:S laser ... [Opt. Express 22, 24551-24558 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

John Covey, Aaron D. Finke, Xiaochuan Xu, Wenzhi Wu, Yaguo Wang, François Diederich, Ray T. ChenAn amorphous film of the third-order nonlinear optical material DDMEBT was spun onto silicon chips for the first time, filling 80 nm lithographic features. A 710 μm^2 device was designed, fabricated, and tested that acts both as a nonlinear resonator switch and as an input/output grating ... [Opt. Express 22, 24530-24544 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Haiwei Zhang, Ying Lu, Liangcheng Duan, Zhiqiang Zhao, Wei Shi, Jianquan YaoWe report the system design and experimental verification of an intracavity absorption multiplexed sensor network with hollow core photonic crystal fiber (HCPCF) sensors and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) filters. Compared with fiber Bragg grating (FBG), it is easier for the DWDM to ... [Opt. Express 22, 24545-24550 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

M. R. Gonçalves, A. Melikyan, H. Minassian, T. Makaryan, O. MartiUnder certain conditions of the incident light polarization direction a Fano resonance arises in small gold nanorods arranged in a H-like configuration. This stems from the coupling between a bright dipole plasmon mode excited in the horizontal rod and dark quadrupole plasmon modes in both vertical ... [Opt. Express 22, 24516-24529 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Georg Pelzer, Andrea Zang, Gisela Anton, Florian Bayer, Florian Horn, Manuel Kraus, Jens Rieger, Andre Ritter, Johannes Wandner, Thomas Weber, Alex Fauler, Michael Fiederle, Winnie S. Wong, Michael Campbell, Jan Meiser, Pascal Meyer, Jürgen Mohr, Thilo MichelThe dark-field image obtained in grating-based x-ray phase-contrast imaging can provide information about the objects’ microstructures on a scale smaller than the pixel size even with low geometric magnification. In this publication we demonstrate that the dark-field image quality can be ... [Opt. Express 22, 24507-24515 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

R. Valivarthi, I. Lucio-Martinez, A. Rubenok, P. Chan, F. Marsili, V. B. Verma, M. D. Shaw, J. A. Stern, J. A. Slater, D. Oblak, S. W. Nam, W. TittelWe experimentally demonstrate a high-efficiency Bell state measurement for time-bin qubits that employs two superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors with short dead-times, allowing projections onto two Bell states, |ψ^−〉 and ... [Opt. Express 22, 24497-24506 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Hironori Ohba, Morihisa Saeki, Ikuo Wakaida, Rie Tanabe, Yoshiro ItoFor aqueous-solution-based elemental analysis, we used a thin liquid sheet (μm-scale thickness) in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with nanosecond laser pulses. Laser-induced plasma is emitted by focusing a pulsed Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm) on a 5- to 80-μm-thick liquid sheet in air. ... [Opt. Express 22, 24478-24490 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Hideki Kakeya, Shuta Ishizuka, Yuya SatoIn this paper we describe an aerial 3D image that occludes far background scenery based on coarse integral volumetric imaging (CIVI) technology. There have been many volumetric display devices that present floating 3D images, most of which have not reproduced the visual occlusion. CIVI is a kind of ... [Opt. Express 22, 24491-24496 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Mingjie Ding, Yosuke Mizuno, Kentaro NakamuraWe develop a novel discriminative sensing technique of strain and temperature using Brillouin scattering and fluorescence in an erbium-doped fiber (EDF). First, we show that the fluorescence intensity ratio (FIR), the ratio of the fluorescence intensities at two different wavelengths (1530 nm and ... [Opt. Express 22, 24706-24712 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Shoufei Gao, Yingying Wang, Ruoyu Sun, Huihui Li, Cuiping Tian, Dongchen Jin, Pu WangWe report on an ultraviolet-enhanced supercontinuum generation in a uniform photonic crystal fiber pumped by a giant-chirped mode-locked Yb-doped fiber laser. We find theoretically and experimentally that the initial pluses with giant chirp leads more initial energy transferred to the dispersive ... [Opt. Express 22, 24697-24705 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Katharina-S. Isleif, Oliver Gerberding, Sina Köhlenbeck, Andrew Sutton, Benjamin Sheard, Stefan Goßler, Daniel Shaddock, Gerhard Heinzel, Karsten DanzmannDigitally enhanced heterodyne interferometry is a metrology technique that uses pseudo-random noise codes for modulating the phase of the laser light. Multiple interferometric signals from the same beam path can thereby be isolated based on their propagation delay, allowing one to use advantageous ... [Opt. Express 22, 24689-24696 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Jiang Guo, Shin Takeda, Shin-ya Morita, Masahiro Hino, Tatsuro Oda, Jun-ichi Kato, Yutaka Yamagata, Michihiro FurusakaWe propose an ellipsoidal neutron focusing mirror using a metal substrate made with electroless nickel-phosphorus (NiP) plated material for the first time. Electroless NiP has great advantages for realizing an ellipsoidal neutron mirror because of its amorphous structure, good machinability and ... [Opt. Express 22, 24666-24677 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Nitish Kumar, Peter Petrik, Gopika K P Ramanandan, Omar El Gawhary, Sarathi Roy, Silvania F Pereira, Wim M J Coene, H. Paul UrbachOptical scatterometry is the state of art optical inspection technique for quality control in lithographic process. As such, any boost in its performance carries very relevant potential in semiconductor industry. Recently we have shown that coherent Fourier scatterometry (CFS) can lead to a notably ... [Opt. Express 22, 24678-24688 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Yufei Ma, Xudong Li, Xin Yu, Rongwei Fan, Renpeng Yan, Jiangbo Peng, Xinrui Xu, Rui Sun, Deying ChenA novel miniaturized Cr^4+:YAG passively Q-switched Nd:YAG pulse-burst laser under 808 nm diode-laser pulse-pumping was demonstrated for the purpose of laser-induced plasma ignition, in which pulse-burst mode can realize both high repetition rate and high pulse energy simultaneously in a short ... [Opt. Express 22, 24655-24665 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Cheng-Ling Lee, Wen-Cheng Shih, Jui-Ming Hsu, Jing-Shyang HorngThis work proposes a novel, highly sensitive and directional fiber tilt sensor that is based on an asymmetrical dual tapered fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer (ADTFMZI). The fiber-optic tilt sensor consists of two abrupt tapers with different tapered waists into which are incorporated a set of iron ... [Opt. Express 22, 24646-24654 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Filip Strubbe, Stijn Vandewiele, Caspar Schreuer, Filip Beunis, Oksana Drobchak, Toon Brans, Kristiaan NeytsWe use Fourier-Bessel Image Decomposition (FBID) of microscopy images to investigate the size, refractive index and 3-dimensional position of individual colloidal microspheres. With measurements of monodisperse polystyrene and poly(methyl methacrylate) particles we achieve a resolution of 1% in ... [Opt. Express 22, 24635-24645 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

S. R. Vangala, I. Avrutsky, P. Keiffer, N. Nader, D. Walker, J. W. Cleary, J. R. HendricksonWe demonstrate a spectrally selective reflector that exploits asymmetric photonic resonances of a 1D photonic crystal. The proposed spectrally selective reflector has a very simple structure – essentially just a single high-index slab of GaN, properly perforated, and supported by a ... [Opt. Express 22, 24742-24751 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Xinke Wang, Sen Wang, Zhenwei Xie, Wenfeng Sun, Shengfei Feng, Ye Cui, Jiasheng Ye, Yan ZhangThe complete vector information of converging terahertz (THz) beams with linear, circular, and cylindrical vortex polarization are precisely measured by using a THz digital holographic imaging system. The transverse (E_x, E_y) and longitudinal (E_z) polarization components of the THz fields around ... [Opt. Express 22, 24622-24634 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Simone Ceccherini, Bruno Carli, Piera RaspolliniA new method to perform averages of atmospheric vertical profiles is presented. The method allows changing a-posteriori the strength of the constraint used in the retrievals of the single profiles with the purpose of optimizing the trade-off between measurement error and vertical resolution. The ... [Opt. Express 22, 24808-24816 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Chengcheng Gui, Jian WangWe present modulation-format-transparent data exchange for m-ary quadrature amplitude modulation (m-QAM) signals using a single silicon-organic hybrid slot waveguide which offers tight light confinement and enhanced nonlinearity. By exploiting the parametric depletion effect of non-degenerate ... [Opt. Express 22, 24796-24807 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Keisuke Takano, Fumiaki Miyamaru, Koichi Akiyama, Hiroshi Miyazaki, Mitsuo W. Takeda, Yuji Abe, Yasunori Tokuda, Hiromasa Ito, Masanori HangyoTransmission spectra of near-self-complementary metallic checkerboard patterns (MCPs) exhibit a drastic change when the metal squares are brought into contact with each other from a noncontact state. Transmission spectra of near-self-complementary samples, which are fabricated by printing ... [Opt. Express 22, 24787-24795 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

A. Shumelyuk, A. Volkov, S. Odoulov, A. Grabar, I. Stoyka, D. R. EvansThe purpose of this paper is to find the polarizations and spatial orientations of the two interacting counterpropagating coherent light waves which ensure the largest beam coupling in monoclinic photorefractive crystal. The results of calculations are presented that are verified experimentally ... [Opt. Express 22, 24763-24775 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52

Hartmut Liebetrau, Marco Hornung, Andreas Seidel, Marco Hellwing, Alexander Kessler, Sebastian Keppler, Frank Schorcht, Joachim Hein, Malte C. KaluzaWe present the results from a new frontend within a double-chirped pulse amplification architecture (DCPA) utilizing crossed-polarized wave generation (XPW) for generating ultra-high contrast, 150 μJ-level, femtosecond seed pulses at 1030 nm. These pulses are used in the high energy class ... [Opt. Express 22, 24776-24786 (2014)] 2014/10/03 - 21:52