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Journal of Optical Technology

E. Yu. Perlin, A. A. PopovThis paper discusses multiphoton optical transitions in a structure that has deep
quantum wells and contains deep impurities in the barrier region. The
tunnel-Hamiltonian formalism is used to obtain expressions for the
s-photon ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 556-559 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

E. N. Ahmedshina, G. I. Garnaeva, L. A. Nefediev, A. R. SakhbievaThis paper discusses the data-locking efficiency when data is recorded by means of stimulated-photon echo and the dependence of the frequency–time correlation coefficient of inhomogeneous broadening in various regions of the excitation of an inhomogeneously broadened line. It is shown that ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 560-564 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

M. V. Inochkin, V. V. BezzubikThis paper discusses how antireflection and reflective optical coatings, as well as the position of a nonlinear crystal inside the cavity, affect intracavity second-harmonic generation. It is shown that phase dispersion of typical antireflection coatings and many reflective coatings is compensated. ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 565-570 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

G. I. Ryabtsev, M. V. Bogdanovich, A. V. Grigor’ev, V. V. Kabanov, O. E. Kostik, Y. V. Lebiadok, K. V. Lepchenkov, F. P. Osipenko, A. G. Ryabtsev, A. P. Chaikovsky, M. A. Shchemelev, U. S. TsitavetsAn all-solid-state multiwave laser radiator (lasing wavelengths 1064, 532, and 355 nm), integrated in a single implement with a telescope, has been developed for use in aerosol lidars. The main radiator is the master laser and an amplifier based on a YAG:Nd crystal, excited by laser diode arrays ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 571-574 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

S. V. Gagarsky, P. A. Gnatyuk, M. V. Inochkin, K. A. Fedkin, L. V. Khloponin, V. Y. KramovA method is proposed for stable generation of powerful subnanosecond pulses without using reverse-feedback systems. This method requires no nonlinear elements inside the cavity and no external supplementary rf pulse generators in the shutter-control system. The method has been experimentally tested ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 575-577 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

N. A. Nemkovich, A. N. Sobchuk, A. N. Rubinov, Yu. V. Kruchenok, Yu. G. Shan’ko, A. I. ChukhonskiĭThis paper discusses the autofluorescence kinetics of healthy and tumorous tissues of the pituitary, as well as their diffuse scattering spectra in the wavelength ranges, respectively, of 380–600 and 350–1000 nm. Measurements were made by means of apparatus consisting of two units, a ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 578-585 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

V. A. Soloviev, M. V. KolokoltsevThis paper proposes a compact device for studying color-discrimination thresholds and quality control of human color vision, in which the radiations are synthesized by a digital control system and the color of the test field can be synthesized in any prespecified direction of color space. An ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 586-589 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

Simranjit Singh, R. S. KalerThe transient effect in a two stage hybrid optical amplifier is presented to show the combined dynamics of the distributed Raman amplifier and the erbium doped fiber amplifier. By adjusting the erbium doped fiber amplifier length and pump power the total power excursion of the surviving channel is ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 590-593 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

G. V. SimonenkoComputer modelling is used to analyze the optical characteristics of various optical-shutter designs that use a π cell. It is shown that, from the viewpoint of optical characteristics, the best optical-shutter design for incoherent radiation sources is one that is based on a standard twist ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 594-598 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

X. D. Yan, B. Wang, H. Peng, Y. X. ChenA novel localization scheme by combining grid and light with mobile localization policy for sensor networks has been designed. The scheme employs a moving location assistant with a band of light. The high localization accuracy can be achieved without expensive hardware on the sensor nodes. The ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 599-602 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

H. M. El-Sheikh, Yu. G. YakushenkovThis paper presents the dependences that determine how the spatial resolution resulting from perspective distortions is related to the temporal resolution of optoelectronic remote-probing systems. These dependences can be used to compare the resolution of a system, determined by the parameters of ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 603-606 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

Doan Van Bac, E. S. PutilinThis paper discusses interference coatings for forming a wave front in Fabry–Perot interferometers or laser cavities. The main requirement imposed on such coatings is that the reflectance (transmittance) must remain constant as the thickness of one or several of its layers varies over the ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 607-611 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

Tan Tai Do, L. A. Gubanova, E. S. Putilin, Pham Van KhoaThis paper discusses the conditions for obtaining the structure of a five-layer antireflection interference coating that contains layers of different thicknesses. Regions of allowable values are given for the refractive index of the layers that form this coating and make it possible to obtain three ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 612-615 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

L. V. Grigor’ev, A. V. MikhaĭlovThis paper presents the results of an investigation of the energy spectrum of traps that occur in a silicon nanocomposite created using the new “elion” technology—low-temperature laser modification of the surface of a layer of nanoporous silicon in the medium of a strong ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 616-620 (2014)] 2014/10/02 - 16:51

A. G. Bedrin, V. M. Gromovenko, I. S. MironovFor a plasma light source based on a magnetically compressed discharge operating in a regime with a discharge-current pulse width equal to 1 s, induced by an electric power of about 1 MW, the possibilities are investigated of forming the time dependence and energy characteristics of radiation ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 486-489 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

V. N. Vasil’ev, I. Yu. Dmitriev, P. M. Linskiĭ, N. V. Nikitin, K. A. TomeevThis paper presents the results of experimental studies of the characteristics of an on-board calibrator with an extended radiating surface for energy calibration of IR optoelectronic devices. Test-stand measurement equipment and methods of checking the characteristics of the calibrator are ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 490-492 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

M. F. Borisov, O. A. Lebedev, N. I. Pavlov, A. Ya. PrilipkoThis paper discusses the structural layout of optoelectronic circular-scanning systems (OECSSs) based on photodetector arrays (PDAs) that perform frame-by-frame photography of the scanning zone. The PDA operates in the snapshot regime with a constant azimuthal scanning rate. Azimuthal smearing of ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 493-498 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

B. O. Efimenko, N. I. Pavlov, V. E. Poleshchuk, A. Ya. Prilipko, A. A. TulinovThis paper presents a description of a hardware–software complex for information processing and control that was developed for an optoelectronic circular scanning system based on a photodetector array. The results of the practical implementation of the main systems and units of the complex ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 499-503 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

N. I. PotapovaThis paper presents a technique for calculating the effective scattering area (ESA) of objects of various shapes and with various reflective characteristics of coatings for various angles of incidence of the illuminating laser radiation. The technique is based on representing the surface of a body ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 504-509 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

V. M. Osipov, N. F. BorisovaThis paper presents an analysis of the contribution of various IR-attenuation mechanisms when the transmittance of oblique atmospheric tracks is being determined. It is shown that, under the conditions of an arid zone, the existing models of aerosol attenuation substantially underestimate its value ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 510-517 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

S. A. Bel’kov, I. I. Solomatin, V. I. Venzel’, E. V. Kalashnikov, A. V. CharukhchevThis paper describes a method and a precision optical sensor for remotely determining the coordinates of the center of a spherical interaction chamber (the target chamber) 10 m in diameter to within ±20??μm when the target of a multichannel laser installation intended for studies in ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 518-522 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

A. D. TsvetkovThis paper proposes a method for designing a catadioptric retroreflector with correction of spherical aberration. The calculation is based on an analysis of the third-order spherical aberration. A concentric meniscus is proposed as a correcting element, the use of which significantly improves the ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 523-525 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

M. S. Egorov, Yu. A. Rezunkov, P. Ya NosatenkoThe design principles of a reactive-thrust laser system for minispacecraft are proposed for the first time. Based on these principles, an optical system has been developed for a laser-engine installation, using special optical systems such as optical turrets and optical hinges. A scenario is ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 526-530 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

S. V. Asanov, A. B. Ignat’ev, V. V. Morozov, M. S. Egorov, Yu. A. Rezunkov, V. V. StepanovThis paper presents the results of experimental studies of the action of laser radiation on InSb-based IR photodetector arrays. It is shown that there are two types of response of the photodetector to laser action: nonlinear propagation of laser noise over the entire surface of the array and ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 531-536 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

Yu. P. Zhukov, I. L. Lovchiĭ, Yu. I. Pestov, Yu. I. Chudakov, I. V. Shevtsov, L. P. PetrovThis paper describes a high-accuracy optoelectronic device for measuring the twist angle, based on an autocollimation method and using a reflector in the form of a unit of right-angle prisms. The device makes it possible to measure the relative twist angle of objects in the range ±2.5° ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 537-539 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

V. N. Alekseev, V. I. Liber, A. S. VolkovThis paper proposes the layout of a cavity with planoconvex mirrors for reducing the angular divergence of radiation due to the formation of a large diameter of the zeroth transverse mode. It is shown that installing the active element close to a flat mirror makes it possible to significantly ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 540-544 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

V. N. Alekseev, V. I. Liber, Yu. I. Pestov, A. S. VolkovThe possibility of suppressing the radiation depolarization that appears in the active element of a YAG:Nd^3+ laser pumped by linear laser-diode arrays with a pump-pulse-repetition rate of 1 kHz has been experimentally investigated. It is shown that the total suppression of the depolarization of ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 545-550 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

V. I. Venzel’, A. V. Gorelov, E. S. Egorova, N. Ya. Kuznetsova, E. S. Lavrent’ev, V. S. Obraztsov, M. I. Sinel’nikovThis paper describes diffractometric and interferometric installations for monitoring the optical homogeneity of materials in the mid- and far-IR regions. It gives the results of a calculation of the errors of optical homogeneity measurements by various methods. The results of measuring the optical ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 551-555 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

N. I. Pavlov [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 485-485 (2014)] 2014/09/05 - 17:38

A. K. Visheratina, I. V. Martynenko, A. O. Orlova, V. G. Maslov, A. V. Fedorov, A. V. Baranov, Yu. K. Gun’koComplexes of Mn^2+-doped ZnS quantum dots with chlorin e6 molecules have been created in which photoexcitation energy transfer from the quantum dots to the chlorin e6 molecules is observed. The optical properties of these complexes have been investigated by steady-state absorption and luminescence ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 444-448 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11

P. S. Parfenov, A. P. Litvin, E. V. Ushakova, A. V. Veniaminov, A. V. Fedorov, A. V. BaranovThe structure of filter paper used as a porous matrix for incorporating quantum dots (QDs) has been investigated by means of a confocal microscope and an atomic-force microscope. The morphology of the QDs incorporated into its structure has been investigated, using PbS QDs 6.9 nm in diameter as ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 449-453 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11

A. É. Dokukina, E. O. Smetanina, V. O. KompanetsThis paper presents the results of an experimental and numerical study of filamentation of axicon-focused femtosecond laser radiation in fused quartz. It is shown that the wave-front curvature of the laser beam incident on the axicon affects the number of plasma channels in the filament and the ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 454-459 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11

Yu. A. Kapoĭko, Yu. A. Shpolyanskiĭ, S. A. KozlovSimple mathematical expressions are derived to show how the velocity of the center of gravity and the rms width of initially one-and-a-half-cycle pulses depend on the original central frequency and field amplitude, as well as on the properties of nonlinear media with dispersion. It is shown that ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 460-463 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11

S. V. Smirnov, Ya. V. Grachev, A. N. Tsypkin, V. G. BespalovSpectroscopic and tomographic studies on the solid tissues of a human tooth have been carried out in the terahertz (THz) frequency range. It is experimentally shown that, in samples of dental tissue damaged by caries, the absorption lines of water in the THz region have higher intensity by ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 464-467 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11

Ya. V. Grachev, M. O. Osipova, A. V. Kuz’mina, V. G. BespaovThe paper presents a method for determining the limits of the frequency spectrum of a pulsed terahertz (THz) spectrometer with a radiation generator based on an InAs crystal in a magnetic field and with a photoconductive antenna as detector. It is shown that the spectral measurements that are ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 468-471 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11

M. V. DyadenkoGlasses synthesized on the basis of the R_2O-B_2O_3-SiO_2 system, where R_2O is Na_2O or K_2O, have been investigated for the reflective and protective claddings of optical fiber. Laws have been established to describe how the oxides affect the glass-forming capability of optical glasses and their ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 472-480 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11

A. S. Zlatov, V. A. Polishchuk, A. P. Bryukhovetskiĭ, D. E. Grigor’ev, A. Yu. Gur’yanovA multifunctional measurement complex has been created on the basis of the National Instruments PXIe 1065 platform for automating measurements of the optical characteristics of the secondary luminescence of quantum dots in the visible region. The complex makes it possible to simultaneously record ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 481-484 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11

D. O. Akat’ev, A. A. Kalachev, V. V. Samartsev, I. Z. Latypov, A. V. ShkalikovThis paper discusses the possibilities of using spontaneous parametric scattering (SPS) in impurity crystals with a periodic domain structure for the efficient generation of narrow-band single-photon pulses. Using a periodically poled potassium titanyl phosphate crystal doped with trivalent erbium ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 423-426 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11

A. E. Ivanova, S. A. Chivilikhin, G. P. Miroshnichenko, V. I. Egorov, A. V. GleĭmQuantum generation of random numbers makes it possible to obtain truly random numbers that can be used in applications where a high degree of randomness is needed. This paper presents an estimate of how the nonideal nature of the setup parameters affects the results of measurements carried out for ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 427-430 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11

N. G. Galkin, E. A. Chusovitin, A. B. Rasin, K. N. Galkin, M. V. Bozhenko, V. V. Mararov, D. T. Yan, V. M. Astashinskiĭ, A. M. Kuz’mitskiĭMeasurements have been made of the radiative properties of porous silicon obtained by anodic etching of plasma-processed p-type single-crystal silicon (100). It is found that the photoluminescence intensity of the test samples is significantly greater than that of porous silicon obtained on the ... [J. Opt. Technol. 81, 431-434 (2014)] 2014/08/05 - 03:11