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Journal of Display Technology

Ho-Nyeon Lee, Byeong-Jun Song, Jae Chul ParkIn this study, p-channel amorphous tin oxide thin-film transistors (TFTs)
were fabricated. A vacuum thermal evaporation method with an SnO powder source
was used to deposit the tin-oxide active layer. Thermal annealing in N
... [J. Display Technol. 10, 288-292 (2014)] 2014/03/29 - 18:26

Ching-Ting Lee, Yung-Hao Lin, Mu-Min Chang, Hsin-Ying LeeThe triple-targets magnetron co-sputtering system with three targets
of In
... [J. Display Technol. 10, 293-298 (2014)] 2014/03/29 - 18:26

Hector Navarro Fructuoso, Manuel Martínez-Corral, Genaro Saavedra Tortosa, Amparo Pons Marti, Bahram JavidiPolariscopes are the basic instruments used for the analysis of the stress state of
transparent materials. Polarized light passing through a 3D object carries the integrated effect
of the stress field along the light path. Therefore, conventional polariscopes are not able ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 255-262 (2014)] 2014/03/15 - 06:40

Chau-Jern Cheng, Wen-Jyi Hwang, Han-Yi Zeng, Yu-Chih LinA fragile watermarking algorithm for hologram authentication
is presented in this paper. In the proposed algorithm, the watermark is embedded
in the discrete cosine transform (DCT) domain of a hologram. The watermarked
hologram is stored in spatial domain with finite precision level. By ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 263-271 (2014)] 2014/03/15 - 06:40

Chau-Jern Cheng, Wen-Jyi Hwang, Chien-Ting Chen, Xin-Ji LaiThis paper presents a novel FPGA-based hardware architecture for realtime
diffraction computation of digital holography. The hardware circuit is based
on Fresnel transform in basic form for diffraction computation. A novel pipeline
is adopted in the circuit so that all the components are ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 272-281 (2014)] 2014/03/15 - 06:40

Suk-Ju KangIn this letter, a new backlight dimming technique that considers perceptual
image quality based on a structural similarity (SSIM) metric is proposed.
Conventional algorithms cannot accurately control the optimal trade-off between
image quality and power consumption; image quality is therefore ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 247-250 (2014)] 2014/03/07 - 14:00

Suk-Ju KangIn this letter, a new subpixel rendering algorithm using the hue-saturation-intensity
(HSI)-based color error analysis is proposed for matrix display devices. The proposed method
converts an RGB input image into a HSI image, which is a color space based on human color
... [J. Display Technol. 10, 251-254 (2014)] 2014/03/07 - 14:00

K. I. Hwu, W. C. Tu, Y. T. FangIn this paper, one AC light-emitting diode (LED) driver with high power factor (PF) and low
total harmonic distortion (THD) is adopted, which is added with the proposed switched LED module
and is controlled based on the field-programmable gate array (FPGA). By doing so, ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 171-181 (2014)] 2014/02/19 - 16:18

Hector Navarro, Genaro Saavedra, Manuel Martínez-Corral, Mårten Sjöström, Roger OlssonOne of the major drawbacks of the integral imaging technique is its
limited depth of field. Such limitation is imposed by the numerical aperture
of the microlenses. In this paper, we propose a method to extend the depth
of field of integral imaging systems in the reconstruction stage. The ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 182-188 (2014)] 2014/02/19 - 16:18

Kuei-Yu Lee, Yen-Ping Hsu, Paul C.-P. Chao, Wei-Dar ChenA new external algorithm with sensing circuit are proposed to compensate
AMOLED display degradation. The compensation is enabled by first evaluating
degradation level of OLEDs based on the OLED anode voltages detected by a
newly-designed sensing subcircuit. According to sensed voltages, the ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 189-197 (2014)] 2014/02/19 - 16:18

Chih-Wei Chen, Myungjin Cho, Yi-Pai Huang, Bahram JavidiIn this paper, we present a novel projection-type 3-D integral imaging
display with an adaptive liquid crystal (LC) prism array. Comparing with conventional
integral imaging display, the proposed system demonstrated that the viewing
zones for a projection type integral imaging display was ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 198-203 (2014)] 2014/02/19 - 16:18

P. H. Chen, Cheng-Huang Kuo, W.
C. Lai, Yu
An Chen, L. C. Chang, S. J. ChangGaN-based LEDs with a p-InGaN layer was proposed and fabricated. By
inserting the 50-nm-thick
layer, it was found that we could reduce the 20 mA forward ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 204-207 (2014)] 2014/02/19 - 16:18

Zhenyue Luo, Yu-Wen Cheng, Shin-Tson WuWe analyze the polarization-preserving property of two conventional
edge-lit light guide plates (LGPs) based on scattering dots and refractive
microgrooves and find that these two structures almost completely depolarize
the incident linearly polarized light. We then propose a new edge-lit ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 208-214 (2014)] 2014/02/19 - 16:18

Jihong Zheng, Kun Gui, Menghua Zhang, Kangni Wang, Caihong Guo, Songlin ZhuangHolographic polymer dispersed liquid crystals (H-PDLCs), which is one
of promising material for LC display, when doped with nanoscale silver (nano
Ag) exhibit a unique electro-optical response to frequency modulation. We
established an equivalent circuit model for H-PDLC doped nano Ag ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 215-222 (2014)] 2014/02/19 - 16:18

Yu-Yu Chang, Zi-Yan Ting, Ching-Yi Chen, Tsung-Hsun Yang, Ching-Cherng SunIn the paper, an optical design for a standard light source is proposed
and demonstrated to perform high stability, high angular CCT (correlated color
temperature) uniformity, and adjustable light pattern from a Lambertian-like
pattern to a narrow light pattern with a full-width at half-maximum ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 223-227 (2014)] 2014/02/19 - 16:18

Shun-Ling Hou, Wing-Kit Choi, Guo-Dung John SuA heads-up display (HUD) commonly uses liquid crystal technology to
generate images. However, the intensity of the light decreases significantly
due to passing through polarizers. Therefore, a polarizer-free display is
a superior approach to utilize light more efficiently. We demonstrate ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 228-234 (2014)] 2014/02/19 - 16:18

Peng Xia, Yasunori Ito, Yuki Shimozato, Tatsuki Tahara, Takashi Kakue, Yasuhiro Awatsuji, Kenzo Nishio, Shogo Ura, Toshihiro Kubota, Osamu MatobaWe propose a technique capable of obtaining spectral information and
three-dimensional information of objects. This technique is based on digital
holography and spectral estimation technique. In this technique, multiple
lasers operating at different wavelengths, such as red, green, and blue, ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 235-242 (2014)] 2014/02/19 - 16:18

Wen-Chung Kao, Hsing-Yu Chen, Ying-Hao Liu, Shu-Cheng LiouThe electrophoretic display (EPD) has been widely applied on electronic
readers (E-Readers) for displaying image/text contents. With a touch panel,
the user can put annotations on the contents at will. However, none of the
available E-Readers support the function of paintbrush, which allows the ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 138-145 (2014)] 2014/02/12 - 12:43

Taiping Lu, Ziguang Ma, Chunhua Du, Yutao Fang, Fangsheng Chen, Yang Jiang, Lu Wang, Haiqiang Jia, Hong ChenStaircase electron blocking layer (EBL) is incorporated in InGaN-based blue light-emitting
diodes to numerically investigate the efficiency droop mechanism by using the APSYS simulation
software. It is found that gradually reducing aluminum (Al) composition in the growth ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 146-150 (2014)] 2014/02/12 - 12:43

Christopher A. Mills, F. Laurent M. Sam, Abdullah S. Alshammari, Lynn J. Rozanski, Neil G. Emerson, S. Ravi P. SilvaThe long-term stability of multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) mixed with the
hole-transport polymer Poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene):poly(styrene sulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) has
been examined. These surfactant stabilized solutions, used as transport layers in organic
... [J. Display Technol. 10, 125-131 (2014)] 2014/02/08 - 01:52

Vasily A. EzhovVarious physical and technical restrictions prevent realization of the perfect
autostereoscopic (glasses-free or naked-eye) displays. For example, autostereoscopic displays,
providing freedom of movement of a viewer, have reduced spatial resolution of 3D image and ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 114-119 (2014)] 2014/02/04 - 18:37

Guo-Jiao Lv, Wu-Xiang Zhao, Da-Hai Li, Qiong-Hua WangA polarizer parallax barrier 3D display with high brightness, resolution and low crosstalk
is proposed in this paper. The 3D display includes a 2D display panel, a polarizer film array, and
a polarizer parallax barrier. The 2D display panel and the polarizer film array ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 120-124 (2014)] 2014/02/04 - 18:37

Hiroshi Tsuji, Mitsuru Nakata, Hiroto Sato, Yoshiki Nakajima, Yoshihide Fujisaki, Tatsuya Takei, Hideo Fujikake, Toshihiro Yamamoto, Naoki ShimidzuA computationally efficient simulation model for the drain current characteristics
of long-channel amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O (a-IGZO) thin-film transistors (TFTs)
is developed. This model uses numerical solutions of the one-dimensional Poisson
equation to significantly reduce the calculation time ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 101-106 (2014)] 2014/01/25 - 08:40

Chenliang Chang, Jun Xia, Yanqiao JiangWe propose a new method to compute the phase-only computer-generated
hologram (CGH) that can modulate an image on a tilted plane. We used the fractional
Fourier transformation to compute light propagation between the hologram plane
and the tilted plane. The phase-only hologram was obtained by an ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 107-113 (2014)] 2014/01/25 - 08:40

Shiro Ozawa, Satoshi Mieda, Yasuhiro Yao, Munekazu Date, Hideaki Takada, Tohru Kawakami, Senshi Nasu, Takahiro Ishinabe, Mitsuru Kano, Mutsumi Sasai, Tatsuo UchidaIn this paper, we have developed a human representation system we call “MulDiRoH.” It
consists of a multiview display that uses a QDA screen and multiple cameras. The QDA screen has a
large, wide viewing area that enables observers to comfortably watch the ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 87-93 (2014)] 2014/01/25 - 08:40

Yasunori Ishikawa, Kazutake Uehira, Kazuhisa YanakaIn this paper, we describe a new aspect to evaluating the robustness
of the optical watermarking technique, which is a unique technology that can
add watermarked information to object image data taken with digital cameras
without any specific extra hardware architecture. However, since this ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 94-100 (2014)] 2014/01/25 - 08:40

En-Hua Ma, Wen-En Wei, Hung-Yi Li, James Chien-Mo Li, I-Chun Cheng, Yung-Hui YehThis paper presents a SPICE-based simulator, FlexiAnalyzer, for flexible thin-film
transistor (TFT) circuits. This simulator performs four types of analysis: yield analysis, aging
analysis, performance analysis, and weak spot analysis. This simulator considers three ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 19-27 (2014)] 2014/01/23 - 18:46

Byung-Yun Joo, Jae-Hyeon KoA ray-tracing model is developed for accurate optical simulation of
plasma display panel (PDP). Thorough spectroscopic characterization of materials
properties is carried out, based on which four types of material models of
PDP layer materials are developed and incorporated in the cell model. ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 49-56 (2014)] 2014/01/23 - 18:46

Yen-Min Lee, Hsin-Hung Cheng, Jia-Han Li, Kuen-Yu Tsai, Yu-Tian ShengDuring the manufacturing processes of the thin-film transistor
liquid-crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel, red, green, and blue (RGB) color filter
coatings undergo the layer-adding process which causes the rough surfaces
between the layers. The rough surfaces make acquiring an accurate ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 57-70 (2014)] 2014/01/23 - 18:46

Yeonkyung Kim, Yongchan Kim, Hojin LeeIn this paper, a novel voltage-programmed pixel circuit based on amorphous
indium-gallium-zinc-oxide thin film transistor (a-InGaZnO TFT) for active-matrix
organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays with the enhanced aperture
ratio is proposed. The proposed circuit consists of 5 TFTs and one ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 80-83 (2014)] 2014/01/23 - 18:46

Guo-Zhen Wang, Yi-Pai Huang, Tian-Sheuan Chang, Tsu-Han ChenGenerally, 3-D interactive systems are used in systems with large displays and are not
suitable for portable devices. To “touch” a floating 3-D image displayed from a mobile device, we
proposed a camera-free, 3D, interactive, virtual-touch system for bare ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 13-18 (2014)] 2014/01/09 - 23:36

Shoou-Jinn Chang, L. M. Chang, D. S. Kuo, T. K. Ko, S. J. Hon, Shuguang LiThe authors propose a simple method to enhance the performances of GaN-based light-emitting
diodes (LEDs) with rough surface. By using KOH to selectively smooth the area beneath the
p-contact pad, it was found that we could reduce the forward voltage and enhance output ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 27-32 (2014)] 2014/01/09 - 23:36

Yifan Liu, Yi-fen Lan, Qi Hong, Shin-Tson WuThe polarization rotation effect of blue phase liquid crystal (BPLC) composite causes light
leakage in the dark state, which in turn degrades the contrast ratio. We propose three approaches
to compensate the light leakage and thereby improve the contrast ratio and widen ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 3-4 (2014)] 2014/01/07 - 19:02

Zhen-Min Zhu, Xiao-Long Jin, Hui Yang, Lu-Sheng ZhongIndirect illumination with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and diffusers is widely applied in
various fields that require uniform illumination. In this paper, a design of diffuse reflection
freeform surface is proposed. Based on the Lambertian characteristic of LEDs and ideal ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 7-12 (2014)] 2014/01/07 - 19:02

Jhih-Kai Huang, Da-Wei Lin, Min-Hsiung Shih, Kang-Yuan Lee, Jyun-Rong Chen, Hung-Weng Huang, Shou-Yi Kuo, Chung-Hsiang Lin, Po-Tsung Lee, Gou-Chung Chi, Hao-Chung KuoIn this paper, we demonstrated the high performance GaN-based LEDs by using a high aspect
ratio cone-shape nano-patterned sapphire substrate (HAR-NPSS). We utilized nano-imprint
lithography (NIL) and dry-etching system to fabricate a high depth HAR-NPSS. The micro-scale
... [J. Display Technol. 9, 947-952 (2013)] 2013/12/13 - 08:11

Pydi Ganga Bahubalindruni, Vítor Grade Tavares, Pedro Barquinha, Cândido Duarte, Pedro Guedes de Oliveira, Rodrigo Martins, Elvira FortunatoThis paper characterizes transparent current mirrors with n-type amorphous
gallium–indium–zinc–oxide (a-GIZO) thin-film transistors (TFTs). Two-TFT current mirrors with
different mirroring ratios and a cascode topology are considered. A neural model is ... [J. Display Technol. 9, 1001-1006 (2013)] 2013/11/21 - 19:43

Jui-Wen Pan, Ya-Wen HuWe proposed a novel backlight system, which consisted of a hybrid light guide plate (LGP)
and one diffuser sheet. The hybrid LGP contains a flat plate without any microstructures and one
layer of optically patterned film (OPF). Comparing with the conventional edge-lit ... [J. Display Technol. 9, 965-971 (2013)] 2013/11/21 - 19:43

Dong-Jin Lee, Young-Cho KimIn this study, we propose a measurement system for extracting the response
time of negatively and positively charged particles having contrasting colors.
The system consists of a laser, a photodiode, a shield box, a power supply,
and an oscilloscope. The response times measured by this system ... [J. Display Technol. 9, 972-976 (2013)] 2013/11/21 - 19:43

Sangshin KwakA cost-effective and high-efficiency driver is proposed
for plasma display panels (PDPs) by eliminating switching devices with high
current ratings. The proposed driver is based on a neutral -point
clamped inverter structure, and the path switches can be eliminated without
reducing the ... [J. Display Technol. 9, 977-984 (2013)] 2013/11/21 - 19:43

Su Hwa Ha, Dong Han Kang, In Kang, Ji Ung Han, Mallory Mativenga, Jin JangWe report channel length
from 2 to 40
... [J. Display Technol. 9, 985-988 (2013)] 2013/11/21 - 19:43