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Journal of Display Technology

Kuo-Ting Huang, Hsi-Chao ChenPhase-shifting interferometry was applied in the double beam shadow
moiré interferometer, and furthermore,this technique used the automatic
measurement system to catch the interferograms and calculated the residual
stress of flexible electronics. As results of the shadow moiré ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 609-614 (2014)] 2014/06/23 - 23:39

Qingyu Cui, Cheng Gu, Jie Liu, Linrun Feng, Sui-Dong Wang, Xiaojun GuoIn this work, the conventional threshold voltage (
$V _{\rm th}$
) extraction
method assuming ohmic contacts in organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) was
shown to be difficult to obtain the ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 615-618 (2014)] 2014/06/23 - 23:39

Yuning Zhang, Jian Wang, Xiaohua Li, Wei LeiColor sequential LCDs benefit from high efficiency and high resolution,
but suffer from annoying color breakup. Various methods have recently been
proposed to suppress color breakup, e.g., the stencil color sequential and
local primary desaturation methods. Most of these approaches apply ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 623-628 (2014)] 2014/06/19 - 18:31

Jian-Chiun Liou, Cheng-Fu Yang, Fo-Hau ChenThis paper addresses the specific technological challenges of autostereoscopic
3-D displays and presents a novel system that integrates an active slanted
LED backlight slit system with slanted lenticular lens array. Including light
scattering strips configured to scatter the illumination light, ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 629-634 (2014)] 2014/06/19 - 18:31

Zhila Esna Ashari, Zahra Kavehvash, Khashayar MehranyThe influence of the diffraction limit on the field of
view of three-dimensional integral imaging (InI) systems is estimated by calculating
the resolution of the InI system along arbitrarily tilted directions. The
deteriorating effects of diffraction on the resolution are quantified in ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 553-559 (2014)] 2014/06/12 - 22:21

Pei-Jun Lee, Kuei-Ting Kuo, Cheng-Yen ChiThis study proposes an adaptive error concealment selection
process in order to improve the quality of reconstructed images which have
low computation complexity for multi-view video coding. In this study, the
proposed algorithm uses the motion vector variances and texture histogram
bins in the ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 560-567 (2014)] 2014/06/12 - 22:21

Suk-Ju Kang, Young Hwan KimThis paper presents a new backlight dimming method that applies segmentation-based
clipped error control to liquid crystal displays. Clipped error control is
the most important algorithm for power saving during backlight dimming. The
proposed segmentation-based clipped error control algorithm ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 568-573 (2014)] 2014/06/12 - 22:21

Nikolas P. Papadopoulos, Czang-Ho Lee, William S. WongHybrid sensor/display pixels and their operating schemes are proposed,
simulated, and characterized. The circuit design implemented a phototransistor
connected to a drive thin-film transistor (TFT) and an organic light-emitting
diode (OLED). The circuits were fabricated using hydrogenated ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 574-581 (2014)] 2014/06/12 - 22:21

Zhenyue Luo, Daming Xu, Shin-Tson WuQuantum dots (QDs)-based backlight greatly enhances the color performance
for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). In this review paper, we start with a
brief introduction of QD backlight, and then present a systematic photometric
approach to reveal the remarkable advantages of QD backlight over ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 526-539 (2014)] 2014/06/01 - 15:53

Vinicius Nunes Henrique Silva, Daniel Stoenescu, Théo Charbel Nassour, Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière, Jean-Louis de Bougrenet de la TocnayeIn this paper, we discuss various technical options to
implement 3D dual-view systems, from four frames generated by two triggered
or non-triggered 3D projectors. Such a technique offers 3D free-viewpoint
capabilities for two viewers. We compare two different technical implementations
based on ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 540-547 (2014)] 2014/06/01 - 15:53

X. A. Cao, R. Acharya, X. M. LiGreen phosphorescent inverted hybrid inorganic-organic light-emitting
diodes (IHyLEDs) based on a simplified organic layer/
structure have been
demonstrated. The ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 548-552 (2014)] 2014/06/01 - 15:53

Wei-Jing Wu, Guan-Ming Li, Xing-Heng Xia, Li-Rong Zhang, Lei Zhou, Miao Xu, Lei Wang, Jun-Biao PengThis letter presents a low power In–Zn–O thin-film transistors
(IZO TFTs) scan driver including a clock-controlled inverter to avoid the
direct current path compared with the conventional diode-connected inverter.
The so-called bi-side scan driver is divided into two parts, laying ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 523-525 (2014)] 2014/05/24 - 10:06

Chih-Yao Ma, Yu-Cheng Chang, Yi-Pai HuangThe crosstalk is always an issue for 3D displays. In this paper, we
proposed a digital image processing method that could further reduce the optical
crosstalk in 3D displays. Unlike the previous method, the proposed method—multi-zone
digital crosstalk reduction method (MZ-DCR)—is ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 488-493 (2014)] 2014/05/20 - 10:23

Anurag Pandey, Riya Dey, Saurabh Pandey, Vineet
Kumar RaiThe Er
... [J. Display Technol. 10, 494-499 (2014)] 2014/05/20 - 10:23

Mingcai Zhou, Haitao Wang, Weiming Li, Shaohui Jiao, Tao Hong, Shandong Wang, Xun Sun, Xiying Wang, Ji-Yeun Kim, Dongkyung NamThe slanted lenticular sheet-based multiview display usually
suffers both extrinsic crosstalk resulting from fabrication errors or assembling
errors and intrinsic crosstalk originating from the leaked light from the
two closest neighboring views. In this paper, a unified method is proposed
to ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 500-507 (2014)] 2014/05/20 - 10:23

Mathangi Raghuraman, Sanjiv SambandanNon-crystalline semiconductor based thin film transistors are the building
blocks of large area electronic systems. These devices experience a threshold
voltage shift with time due to prolonged gate bias stress. In this paper we
integrate a recursive model for threshold voltage shift with the ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 508-513 (2014)] 2014/05/20 - 10:23

Chia-Ting Hsieh, Ghung-Yin Li, Tsung-Tai Wu, Chi-Yen Huang, Ching-Jui Tien, Kuang-Yao Lo, Chi-Huang LinThis paper presents a dual-view (DV) liquid crystal display (LCD) fabricated
with a twisted nematic (TN) cell that has patterned electrodes on its substrates.
The TN DV LCD effectively inhibits the bright state light leakage in the un-intended
viewing direction, improving the contrast ratio of ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 464-469 (2014)] 2014/05/14 - 05:34

Haining Yang, Lu Liu, Hui Tang, Shaolin Qin, Hanchun Yin, Yan Tu, Ingrid HeynderickxIn this paper, we introduce a series of perception experiments to measure
the just noticeable difference (JND) in black level (BL) and white level (WL)
for natural image content under common viewing conditions. Based on these
experiments the JND in BL is determined for 13 images and the JND in ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 470-477 (2014)] 2014/05/14 - 05:34

Yu-Lung Lo, Tsung-Tse Yang, Chia-Chi LiaoA method is proposed for determining the cell gap, twist
angle and pretilt angle of twisted nematic liquid crystal (TNLC) cells. In
the proposed approach, the effective optical parameters of the TNLC cells
are measured using a Stokes polarimetry method and the physical optical parameters
are ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 478-483 (2014)] 2014/05/14 - 05:34

Yubao Sun, Yanfeng Li, Yanli Zhao, Peng Li, Hongmei MaA low voltage and continuous viewing angle controllable
blue phase liquid crystal display (BPLCD) is proposed .
The in-plane electrodes and etched substrate can reduce the operating voltage
to 8.2 V, and the common electrodes in top and bottom substrates help to achieve
switchable viewing ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 484-487 (2014)] 2014/05/14 - 05:34

Qing-Long Deng, Bor-Shyh Lin, Hsuan
T. Chang, Guan-Syun Huang, Chien-Yue ChenA computer-generated holography head-mounted display (HMD)
for vision training is proposed in this study. Based on modified Gerchberg–Saxton
algorithm (MGSA) to calculate the phase distribution of light wave and the
position multiplexing, the images with fixation disparity or changed ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 433-437 (2014)] 2014/05/10 - 00:12

Xiao Li, Chao Ping Chen, Hongyue Gao, Zhenghong He, Yuan Xiong, Hongjing Li, Wei Hu, Zhicheng Ye, Gufeng He, Jiangang Lu, Yikai SuA video-rate optical holographic display is achieved by using an azo-dye-doped
liquid crystal as the passive, updatable recording material. The response
time of this material is measured in the order of several to tens of milliseconds,
depending on recording beam intensities, polarization ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 438-443 (2014)] 2014/05/10 - 00:12

Mickaël Guillaumée, Seyed Payam Vahdati, Eric Tremblay, Arnaud Mader, Gabriel Bernasconi, Victor J. Cadarso, Jonas Grossenbacher, Juergen Brugger, Randall Sprague, Christophe MoserA volume hologram recorded with a lens array is proposed as a color
transflective screen for Head Worn Display (HWD) systems. Design, fabrication
as well as proof of concept are reported. Light from a single MEMS-based projector
is efficiently diffracted towards the eye with an angular spread ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 444-449 (2014)] 2014/05/10 - 00:12

Ming-Syuan Chen, Neil Collings, Hung-Chun Lin, Yi-Hsin LinAn electrically tunable optical zooming holographic projection system
with a fixed location of zeroth-order diffraction is demonstrated. By using
two liquid lenses and an encoded Fresnel lens on a liquid crystal on silicon
(LCoS) panel, the size of the projected image of the holographic ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 450-455 (2014)] 2014/05/10 - 00:12

Ahmad Ibrahim, Christian Ley, Xavier Allonas, Christiane Carré, Isabelle PillinTo enhance the efficiency of photopolymerizable systems
as holographic recording materials, the use of 3-component photoinitiating
systems (PIS) was explored. In order to get more insight into the hologram
formation, gratings' recording curves were compared to those of monomer ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 456-463 (2014)] 2014/05/10 - 00:12

K. I. Hwu, W. C. Tu, M. J. HongIn this paper, a dimmable LED current balancing driver is presented, which is based on the
current balancing transformer with magnetizing inductance energy recycling considered. Such a
driver has the main power stage constructed by one Zeta type converter. Hence, the ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 388-395 (2014)] 2014/05/02 - 19:41

Hongbo Lu, Jun Zhang, Zhigang Song, Guobing Zhang, Xianghua Wang, Longzhen Qiu, Guoqiang LvThis paper presents a solid-state volumetric 3-D display system utilizing
20 LC light shutters as a display module, which provides viewers with true
depth cues. The electro-optic properties of light shutters based on normal-mode
PSCT were investigated. The device shows a field-on transmittance ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 396-400 (2014)] 2014/05/02 - 19:41

Yongchan Kim, Jerzy Kanicki, Hojin LeeIn this paper, we proposed a novel voltage-programmed pixel circuit
based on amorphous indium gallium zinc-oxide thin-film transistor (a-InGaZnO
TFT) for active-matrix organic light-emitting display (AMOLED) with an enhanced
electrical stability and uniformity. Through an extensive simulation ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 402-406 (2014)] 2014/05/02 - 19:41

Woo-Jun Cha, Yong-Won Cho, Jung-Min Kwon, Bong-Hwan KwonA single power-conversion LED backlight driving system with high power
factor control is proposed. The proposed converter is composed of a full-bridge
diode rectifier and a quasi-resonant flyback converter. The proposed converter
provides a simple structure, a low cost, and high power factor of ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 407-413 (2014)] 2014/05/02 - 19:41

Jin Wang, Gwanggil Jeon, Jechang JeongThis paper introduces an autoregression-based single-field
deinterlacing algorithm. The proposed algorithm provides a block-wise autoregression
mechanism that considers mutual influence between the missing high-resolution
pixels and the given interlaced, low-resolution pixels in a slip window. ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 414-419 (2014)] 2014/05/02 - 19:41

Mina Choi, Joel Wang, Wei-Chung Cheng, Giovanni Ramponi, Luigi Albani, Aldo BadanoWe describe a methodology for predicting the detectability of subtle
targets in dark regions of high-dynamic-range (HDR) images in the presence
of veiling glare in the human eye. The method relies on predictions of contrast
detection thresholds for the human visual system within a HDR image ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 420-428 (2014)] 2014/05/02 - 19:41

Yi-Jun Wang, Jun Liu, Jian Tan, Bo-Ru Yang, Wei-Xian Ding, Gu-Feng He, Wei-Chung Chao, Jian-Gang Lu, Han-Ping D. ShiehA novel backlight module that integrates dual layer strip patterned organic light emitting
diode (DLSP-OLED) for 2D/3D switchable display was demonstrated. The DLSP-OLED functions as a
parallax barrier in 3D mode and a planar light source in 2D mode. The results indicated ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 352-356 (2014)] 2014/04/23 - 18:36

En-Wei Zhong, Shui-Bin Ni, Jian Tan, Yue Song, Shi-Yu Liu, Yi-Jun Wang, Ji-Liang Zhu, Jian-Gang LuA combined fringe and in-plane switching (FIS) mode single-cell-gap
transflective display using blue-phase liquid crystal (BPLC) is proposed.
The structure makes use of the space above the pixel electrodes of this FIS
mode as reflective regions and the space between pixel electrodes as ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 357-361 (2014)] 2014/04/23 - 18:36

Jeffrey Lee, Matthew T. Cole, Jackson Chi Sun Lai, Arokia NathanIn the design of capacitive touch-screen panels, electrodes are patterned
to improve touch sensitivity. In this paper, we analyze the relationship between
electrode patterns and touch sensitivity. An approach is presented where simulations
are used to measure the sensitivity of touch-screen ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 362-366 (2014)] 2014/04/23 - 18:36

Zhenyue Luo, Shin-Tson WuA four-primary liquid crystal display (LCD) by hybrid color processing
in spatial and temporal domains is presented. By integrating with quantum
dots, the number of LED can be reduced and the emission spectrum optimized.
This approach exhibits following advantages over conventional ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 367-372 (2014)] 2014/04/23 - 18:36

Jianjun Lei, Shiqiu Li, Bingren Wang, Kefeng Fan, Chunping HouDisparity control plays an important role in 3D stereoscopic
displays. It aims to produce high-quality 3D images and videos which can offer
realistic visual experiences. We propose a disparity control method guided
by stereoscopic visual attention. Firstly, the fundamental principle of ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 373-379 (2014)] 2014/04/23 - 18:36

Cheng-Mu TsaiAn optical solution method with genetic algorithm (GA) is proposed as
a means to minimize the Petzval field curvature aberration (Petzval FCA),
which is intrinsic, but plays a significant role at improvement of projection
optics. Petzval FCA is generally more sensitive to the surface curvature ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 380-387 (2014)] 2014/04/23 - 18:36

Chih-Hsiang Ho, Chao Lu, Kaushik RoyThe variation and reliability issues of display backplane pose major challenges for poly
silicon (poly-Si) active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays. Adjacent poly-Si
thin-film transistors (TFTs) exhibit different threshold voltages and mobilities due to ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 345-351 (2014)] 2014/04/22 - 16:33

Rafael Radkowski, James OliverA novel method is presented for enhancing the natural visual perception afforded by
augmented reality (AR) workstations. The approach incorporates a method for simulating perspective
viewing using a monitor-based AR workstation that acts as a window to the physical ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 333-344 (2014)] 2014/04/11 - 02:00

Sang Hyun Choi, Hoon Kim, Ki-Chul Shin, Heesub Kim, Jang-Kun SongDisplay devices adopt multiprimary pixels to represent chromatic images, and the individual
primary pixels are discernible dimly within a certain range of spatial frequency. We
systematically investigate the color impression of spatially mixed patterns of two colors from ... [J. Display Technol. 10, 282-287 (2014)] 2014/03/29 - 18:26