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Information Technology Journal

The phenomenon “cloud
computing” started from 2006-07
but it came into existence through a very smooth historical events. From the
concept of multiprogramming then virtualization, grid computing, SaaS, utility
computing and then finally cloud computing came to today’s
IT world. Though, the tools used to build cloud are increasing day by day, so
it makes a confusion and difficulty to select a suitable tool for the cloud
consumers and enterprises to build their cloud for business purpose due to holding
various features. Due to facing this problem, it is now inevitable to differentiate
these tools. For this reason, this study is about to build a basic infrastructure
of two separate clouds using two open source IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
cloud tools i.e., OpenStack and CloudStack to check how these two differ from
each other. This study will also show their evaluation and future scopes. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

In this study, a video analysis system is developed for diving
sports according to the characteristics of the diving sports. This system is
mainly used in assisting coach to instruct athletes more effectively and it
can help the judgers give the correct judgments. The video analysis, 3D motion
simulation, edit interface and the database management are researched. The background
and meaning of developing is stated in this system and then the relation and
the data flow are analyzed among the main modules. Tracking model and virtual
humanmotion modeling are built, the key techniques and innovations are addressed
in detail. In practice, this system can not only improve the efficiency of training,
reduce the repeated training and the probability of false judgments but also
there is the high efficiency in the system and it is easy to be operated. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

Brobdingnagian may be the precise word for the usage of internet
and advanced expertise in the globe in our day. Indeed, all sorts of this online
communication go hand in hand with the so called major apprehension, information
security. Since all kinds of digital files play an imperative role in internet
operation, it is indispensable to defend the key features of private communication
namely, seclusion, uprightness and legitimacy. This threat, in a roundabout
way, has led to the breakthrough of information security rationales. Striking
among these are Cryptography and Steganography, primordial skills pursued for
the sake of secret sharing. The startling thing is that with the fruition of
technology, these are giving prolific outcomes even now. Cryptography possesses
such a litheness that its blend, in the company of other fields of study, facilitates
offer much more options to explore security issues. This study envisions an
inimitable approach to security in the context of encryption and embedding incorporating
shuffling, chaotic equations in conjunction with Blowfish encryption algorithm.
Here, encryption is performed on images followed by embedding secret data. The
latter is done not literally but indirectly. This pitch endows with randomness
and security with all the persuasive traits of encryption. Validation is given
in terms of Mean Square Error (MSE), Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), Relative
Entropy (RE), entropy and correlation values. Experimental results are illustrated
to vindicate the performance of this objective. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

Steganography is the technique of hiding information inside
other information. It provides data security. Image steganography can be implemented
in both, the spatial and transform domain. In this study, transform domain steganography
has been adopted. A cover image is transformed to the frequency domain using
Integer Wavelet Transform (IWT) and a secret image is embedded in it using Least
Significant Bit (LSB) substitution. The secret data is embedded only in high
frequency sub-bands of the frequency domain transform of the cover image. Both
adaptive and non-adaptive embedding techniques are employed and the results
are compared. Also, random traversing for embedding the secret data is implemented
for higher security. Haar and (5/3) IWT based algorithms are used. The Peak
Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) values and payload capacity are obtained and compared
for above algorithms. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

Security has become the most indispensible part of any form
of communication. There are different ways through which it is brought about,
out of which one of the efficient implementation through steganography and encryption.
Steganography conceals the existence of a secret message throughout the communication
thereby providing enhanced security. In this study, a methodology has been proposed
to perform encryption on an image with the help of Secret Steganography Code
for Embedding (SSCE) code. A mapping technique has been proposed to combine
quantum truth table and LSB based embedding. The SSCE has been employed to provide
encryption, followed by quantum table before embedding the secret data. The
proposed methodology supports both images and text as cover as well as secret
data. In the proposed scheme, embedding has been included with encryption to
provide security multifold. The implementation was carried out using Visual
Basic. NET and results are presented. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

Internet of Things (IOT) is a new revolution in information
technology after the internet and mobile communication network, it contains
a huge room for innovation and opportunity. Internet of things takes advantage
of smart devices and sensing technology to perceive and recognize the physical
world. By RFID radio frequency technology, network transmission interconnection,
signal processing and computing, information is shared and seamless connection
is realized between things or between persons and things, the real-time monitoring
things, accurate management and scientific decision-making are achieved. In
this study, the development trend of IOT applications has been analyzed in e-commerce,
the problems are described in traditional e-commerce. In the IOT technology
application, there are three important aspects, such as e-commerce inventory,
logistics, payment. We studied the key technical issues of Things development,
e-commerce security measures, their system configuration structures and that
the intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management
are integrated between the IOT and e-commerce. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

The basic and improved algorithms of PSO are focused on how
to search effectively the optimalsolution in the solution space by using one
of the particle swarm. However, the particles are always chasing the global
optimal point and such points are currently found on their way of search, rapidly
leading their speed down to zero and hence being restrained in the local minimum.
Consequently, there are the convergence or early maturity of particles. The
improved PSO is based on the enlightenment of Back-Propagation (BP) neural network
while the improvement is similar to the smooth weight through low-pass filter.
The test of classical functions show that the PSO provides a promotion in the
convergence precision and make better a certain extent in the calculation velocity. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

The three main objectives of this study are to explore the
growth locus of vocational business school students in their review of math
classes, the moderating effect of the growth locus of math class review among
different departments and the moderating effect of the growth locus of mass
class review among different gender. For this study, a series of math review
training classes was held for high school seniors. The students, who participated,
went through 9 months of review classes and 5 mock exams. A total of 192 vocational
business school students participated in the study, after unsuitable samples
were eliminated, there was a total of 191 samples. For this study, repeated
measures t-testing and the HLM growth model were used to perform data analysis.
Results revealed that math review classes can dramatically improve the math
performance of vocational students, the math review class training displayed
a U-curve that started out decreasing but eventual increased and there were
no moderating effects between different departments or different genders when
it came to the training of math review classes. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

This study presents a new Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation
(SVPWM) based stator oriented non-linear control of induction motor drive system
using MATLAB/Simulink environment. The non-linear control is employed in the
stator by making a small change in the variable transformation and this control
technique will not affect the system dynamics and improves the performance in
all four quadrants. This reduces size and cost of the induction motor drive
system. The steady state and transient response of the drive system is observed
in all the four quadrants and their torque and speed characteristics were studied.
This non-linear control in this system is better compared to other systems.
The motor drive is simulated in all four quadrants and their waveforms were
plotted. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

Traffic overload problem in the cellular networks has become crucial. In order to approach the problem of increasing traffic, an adaptive traffic offloading method based on a combination of Open Wireless Networks (OWN) and a biologically inspired attractor selection model is proposed in this study. This method provides a pragmatic way to keep load balance and reduce selfishness. Thus, it can improve the overall performance in overlay networks with 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). Firstly, based on discrete Markov Modulated Poisson Process (dMMPP), a queuing model is considered to obtain the real-time network status in both LTE and WLAN. Secondly, by following the OWN architecture to develop the attractor selection model for offloading at the right time in order to accommodate unpredictable traffic demands in fluctuating environment. The whole wireless network can be managed in an autonomous, load balancing and robust manner by the global control which is under OWN and the autonomous decision of attractor selection. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed mechanism can reach a tradeoff between the system delay and the handover times by realizing efficient traffic offloading. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

Highly undetectable steganography (HUGO) is one of the most
advanced steganographic systems. A new methodology of steganalysis is presented
against HUGO for digital images. The proposed method first obtains textural
features by applying local linear transformation of convolution filtering to
the image. Then, the co-occurrence matrices are constructed from horizontal
and vertical direction. Finally, the ensemble classifier is used to classify.
Experimental results show that the proposed steganalysis system is significantly
superior to the prior arts on the detection performance and computational time. 2014/09/27 - 14:15

Recently considerable growth in the development of cluster based routing protocols is not only used to optimize the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) resources but also increase the performance and reliability of the WSNs applications. However, dynamic behavior of sensor node such as energy consumption, geographical distribution and other complex factors makes the design of cluster based routing algorithm a challenging task. In this study, recent research for developing clustering protocols is highlighted and limitations are identified. Based on these limitations, a new granular method for dynamic grid routing protocol based on Quotient Space theory is proposed. The algorithm achieved the efficient clustering by accomplishing the effective comparison and transformation among quotient sets with different granularities. It can comprehensively consider node energy consumption; residual energy balance and geographical distribution balance. Furthermore, the optimal number and shape of cluster is dynamically calculated instead of relying on prior knowledge. The experimental result shows efficient energy and network lifetime as compared to other similar methods in WSNs. 2014/08/27 - 22:58

In recent years, livestock manure pollution problems have
become increasingly prominent phenomenon. It has brought enormous environmental
pressure to our country and also provided the technical support for effective
cow dung composting and high-fiber waste treatment. The experiment adopts the
biomass wood vinegar as cow dung compost additives to study before and after
the changes of heavy metal as Copper and Zinc. A total of six treatments, respectively,
0.20, 0.35, 0.50, 0.65, 0.80% of wood vinegar and control group. Marked them
as T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and CK. The passivation effect of Copper was T5> CK>
T4> T3> T1> T2 and the best passivation effect of Copper was to add
0.80% wood vinegar, the value was 18.78%. The passivation effect of Zinc was
T2> T5> T4>T1>T3> CK and the best passivation effect of Zinc
was to add 0.35% wood vinegar which was 8.25%. The passivation effect of Copper
and Zinc appeared on fluctuations before and after the composting process. Meanwhile,
in order to further study, to prevent “Concentrated
effect”, “Chelation”,
“Dilutioneffect” and environmental
change common giveriseto fluctuations further occurrence during the composting
process. Ensure the stability of the passivation effects, minimizing interference,
trying to increase the volume of compost, expanding treatment of wood vinegar
gradient and extending the composting period. To prevent the secondary factor
was greater than the passivation effect of wood vinegar treatment composting.
It could achieve healthy and sustainable development of agriculture and environment. 2014/08/27 - 22:58

A novel highly integrated front-end T/R module with eight RF channels for the application of a K-band transceiver is presented. The proposed T/R module is based on the LTCC package combined with embedded microwave passive circuits and a variety of microwave transistor dies. Due to the applied multi-layer LTCC technology, the overall size and weight of the designed module is greatly reduced. Furthermore, such design improves the overall performance of the T/R module with a lower cost and high efficiency. 2014/08/27 - 22:58

This study aims to analyze and control the propulsion system of wind-assisted ship. Three control methods are given to control propulsion system with no change in cruise speed. The methods are as follows, adjusting pitch, adjusting revolution speed, adjusting the speed and pitch coordinately. By analysis and comparison, the third method can obtain the highest propulsion efficiency as well as make navigational speed following predefined speed under different conditions of wind. Finally, simulation results are given to verify the validity and effectiveness of the methods. 2014/08/27 - 22:58

In this study, an automated testing system for a reflection-type Vector Modulators (VM) comprised of a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and a LabVIEW based testing software is presented. The testing system with a friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) is able to evaluate all the functionality of the VMs and allows the user to test the FPGA module step-by-step or to automate the testing in a sequential way. In case of multiple VM testing, all the VMs can be tested in one time by automatically sending the control commands to manipulate the bias voltage of each VM. Only one FPGA based hardware is needed in the testing system for the bias voltage control. This present testing system is highly efficient for VM testing and can be easily generalized to the testing of other VMs. 2014/08/27 - 22:58

In this study, according to the inverse transformation principle and the affine transformation principle of Rijndael S-box, a new approach to generating the multivariate quadratic equation system over GF(2) is proposed and the generation process is given explicitly. According to the algebraic expression of the new Rijndael S-box, an equation system over GF(28) is proposed to describe Rijndael. By comparing with other existing systems, this system has stronger resistance against algebraic attacks. So, the equation system of the new Rijndael S-box is much securer than other existing equation systems. 2014/08/27 - 22:58

Software as a service is becoming a popular research field in software development for its feature of low costing entry, easy implementation and zero infrastructures. SaaS is a multi-tenant model which is different from traditional software in user data security, software development and deployment. In this study, we analyze the SaaS application architecture and developed a SaaS-based restaurant management system. The result shows that the SaaS-based restaurant management can meet the requirement of tenant isolation and reduce the costs for users and services providers. The SaaS-based restaurant management system provides references to other software provider to develop SaaS-based application. 2014/08/27 - 22:58

During the continued airworthiness of civil airplanes, it's
necessary to conduct the risk assessment to guarantee their airworthiness security
levels within the acceptable range. The risk assessment methodology of civil
airplanes has been developed. The risk type of the events, the hazard level
of the event consequence and the approach to determine the probability level
of the event have been given. After obtaining the hazard level and probability,
the risk level of the event can be determined. Based on the results of risk
analysis, the appropriate corrective action and the maximum compliance time
have been given. The risk assessment of engine mounting frames welding defects
of a certain type of airplane was analyzed using the present analysis. The risk
level of the event was determined and appropriate corrective actions were also
given. 2014/08/27 - 22:58

Variable region fuzzy controller of ASVG based on genetic algorithm is proposed. In this method, the universe of discourse of the current loop fuzzy variables are converted, adopting genetic algorithm optimized proportional exponential contraction-expansion factor. The adaptive control of current loop is achieved. The adaptive fuzzy current controller with variable region of ASVG is designed using S-Function programming. The simulation experiment of ASVG is done. The simulation results show that compared with traditional PID control, ASVG based on variable universe fuzzy controller has the strong anti-interference performance and robustness. Quadergy is dynamically controlled, thereby the reliability of the power transmission system is improved and capacity is increased. 2014/08/27 - 22:58

This study proposes a novel data-hiding method based on an
improved neighbor mean interpolation and random-block division. The basic idea
of the proposed method is to use the proposed neighbor mean interpolation as
the scaling-up strategy and to make full use of the correlation between neighboring
pixels to increase the payload without sacrificing much distortion for data
hiding. Moreover, the random-block division technique is adopted to increase
the security of data hiding method under the detection of a statistical steganalysis
tool. Experimental results showed that our proposed method can obtain a large
embedding capacity while maintaining high visual quality image and undetectability.
Compared with another similar work, the PSNR is guaranteed to be higher than
34 dB which maintained a maximum capacity increase of 22.5-36.5%. Also, the
undetectabilty can be improved by a maximum of 33.66%. 2014/07/02 - 07:54

QRS complex detecting algorithm was core of ECG auto-diagnosis
method, heart rate variability analysis and deeply influences cardiac cycle
division for signal compression. However, ECG signals collected by noninvasive
surface electrodes were confused by several kinds of noise and its waveform
variation was the main reasons for the hard realization of 100% detection accruracy.
QRS complex detecting algorithms based on mixed methods were studied. This study
proposed a QRS complex detecting algorithm based on wavelet transform and multi-resolution
mathematical morphological decomposition (WMR algorithm). This algorithm possessed
superiorities in R peak detection of the two methods. Moreover, a pre-processing
method based on lifting scheme constructing multi-resolution morphological decomposition
was adopted to reduce noise affection. And an efficient R peak search-back algorithm
was employed to reduce the False Positives (FP) and False Negatives (FN). According
to simulation results in MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database, QRS detection accuracy
was over 99.8%. 2014/07/02 - 07:54

The Kalman Filter (KF) known as an optimum adaptive algorithm
based on recursive estimation, has been widely used to estimate the State Of
Charge (SOC) of the lithium-ion batteries. To improve the performance of SOC
estimation, the parameters of battery model in the KF method should be chosen
correctly. Nevertheless, the battery parameters, such as the OCV-SOC, capacity
and resistance are significantly depended on the battery SOC, temperature, current
and ageing. In this study, these dependencies and their variation over the temperature,
current and ageing are investigated on a Samsung ICR18650-22P-typed lithium-ion
battery with LiNixCoyMnzO2 cathode
which offers guidance to model modification of SOC estimation. The experimental
results show that the OCV-SOC relationship are strong consistent under the conditions
of 0~60°C but it varies when the temperature remains below zero degrees
Celsius. The capacity varies considerably with the temperature and cycles and
slightly with the current of below 3C. The Ohmic resistance varies slightly
with charge current but considerably with discharge current and SOC. Based on
the experimental results, some suggestion for model modification of SOC estimation
is put forward. 2014/07/02 - 07:54

In practical applications, in order to extract data from the
stego, some data hiding encryption methods need to identify themselves. When
performing data hiding, they embed some specific logo for self-identification.
However, it is unavoidable to bring themselves the risk of exposure. Suppose
each hidden method has a corresponding logo S and the attacker has a logo set
Φ which consists of some hidden methods’ logos. Once he find the logo S
which matches a logo in Φ, he can easily recognize the very method. To
solve this problem, we propose a method based on synchronization to hide the
specific sign or logo. First, the sender generates a key using a public variable
parameter which is always changing from time to time. Then, we can calculate
the hidden data’s location in the cover from the key. According to the locations,
we can embed the logo into the cover. As the public parameter is changing from
time to time, each transmission of hidden data has a unique location sequence.
When the stego reaches its receiver, according to the public parameter, the
receiver could generate the key and get the hidden data’s location to extract
the secret data correctly. Experimental results verify that the data hiding
method performs well and hardly has impacts on the cover’s quality and has little
impacts on the robustness, imperceptibility and capacity of the original stego-cover.
Besides, it is able to recover the key with linear time complexity when the
critical information which is used to generate the key is missing. 2014/07/02 - 07:54

The purpose of this study is to employ a systematic approach
to optimize the scheduling of volleyball tournaments. Given the total number
of teams in a tournament, the number of game days, the number of courts and
the number of teams at each division and the required time blocks at each game
day can be optimally obtained by using integer programming. In addition, the
referees can be optimally assigned to their preferred times by using Genetic
Algorithm (GA). Results from the experiments show that the proposed approach
can produce good solutions efficiently. 2014/07/02 - 07:54

The international trade of high-tech complex products has special economic and strategic importance for both exporters and importers. Therefore, related trade risk management is crucial and this study will provide an analytical framework over identification and prevention measures in such important international trade movement. This study applies practical survey and interviews with practitioners in this field and summarizes important principles and effective framework to identify trade risk and provides useful lessons for cooperation parties in international trade on high-tech complex products, particularly from the viewpoint of Chinese firms. Meanwhile, this study proposes the problem solving and risk prevention measures by focusing on the origin, identification and quantification analysis of trade risk and determines the principle system of risk identification on high-tech complex products based on practical needs of both economic and political consideration at home and abroad. The study may be used as reference for companies operating with companies in China and for Chinese companies developing their own market abroad. 2014/07/02 - 07:54

The 2-d shape interpolation or shape morphing which involves
the creation of a smooth transition from a source planar polygon to a target
one, has gained widespread application in recent years. In this study, we implemented
an interpolation framework. As for an interpolating key issue which is correspondence
between the source and target shape, we proposed a scheme for corresponding
and improving the interpolation. We only triangulate the source shape and find
the position of vertex in target shape by the technology of deformation with
constraints. Our method avoids the shape remeshing for correspondence. As for
large rotation and small strain problem, our method can work well. This method
is easy to implement in the exiting FEM code. Experiments show that the proposed
framework is effective for as-rigid-as-possible interpolation. 2014/07/02 - 07:54

Object interaction in Internet of Things (IoT) should be dependent on intelligent
information processing. Since, the information in IoT is heterogeneous, dynamic
and somewhat unpredictable, straightening out the evolution process of information
status is necessary for information management and processing. Firstly, the
lifecycle of IoT information was analyzed by referencing and imitating the information
processing system of human brain and the evolutionary mechanism of information
status based on cognitive theory was expounded. Secondly, the information characteristics
of each evolutionary stage were analyzed and some typical technologies of information
management and intelligent processing were introduced. Finally, the comparative
experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method were given.
The experimental results show that the algorithm is able to get the better solution
by less target evaluation times and it can improve the optimization efficiency
and realize intelligent processing of the information in IoT. 2014/07/02 - 07:54

To ensure the safe and reliable operation of the space-arm
when it working in the space, the space-arm should be locked reliably during
launching. The optimal number and position of the locking spots should be determined
when consider locking plan. The finite element analysis method was employed
to accomplish modal analysis of space-arm under different constraints state.
Modal analysis was employed in simplified model of the space-arm. The relative
larger displacement of the part can be identified form mode shapes which can
help to determine the key locking spots. Moreover, the auxiliary locking points
will be selected according to the characteristics of the arm. Thus, all the
locking spots of space-arm with a series of multi-joints were selected primary.
Under such locking condition, the dynamic characteristics of the space-arm will
be improved increasingly. Depending on the mass characteristics of the support
mechanism, its model is simplified into springs and reasonable constraint equations
were established to simulate their properties. This study provides an effective
theoretical basis for dynamic design and optimization design of the space-arm
and the lock-unlock mechanism. 2014/07/02 - 07:54

This study proposes a kind of fingerprint of paragraph generation approach
for similar documents detection which mainly includes three parts, select long
sentence, obtain feature set of paragraph by calculate weight value of sentence
and generate the fingerprint of paragraph. As a result, a document is turned
into a set of paragraph fingerprint and a similarity measure is then applied,
the similarity degree is calculated between the input document and each document
in the given collection. A similarity function based on consine function is
employed to determine whether a document is a near duplicate to the input document
by similarity degree between them or not. This study presented can better reveal
the characteristics of the document and reduce the noisy influence on feature
selection effectively. The experiment demonstrates that the method which offered
has the preferable precision and recall ratio, relatively less running time
comparing to the other method. 2014/06/14 - 18:50

In this study, the application of ZCS synchronous rectification for the IPT
resonant converter is researched. A novel control method that AC-DC section
of the resonant converter works in ZCS SR state is proposed by using the characteristic
of resonant tank current. First, the ZCS working operation of SR is presented,
analyzed and equivalent circuits for each operation mode are also given, respectively.
Then, the novel control method of ZCS SR for resonant converter is proposed.
According to the ZCS working operation of SR and the differential equations
of equivalent circuit, a steady-state mathematical model of the circuit is established.
On that basis, the calculation method for ZCS operating point of SR is deduced
by solving the fixed point function about resonant tank current. Moreover, the
specific flow chart for calculating ZCS operating point of SR and the steady-state
waveforms of each state variable is also presented and operating principle of
control circuit for ZCS SR is described in detail. Finally, experimental results
verify the effectiveness of control method proposed in this study. 2014/06/14 - 18:50

In oil-gas prediction, the effects wouldn't get better if more seismic attributes
were used. Due to calculation errors, the redundant seismic attributes get lower
forecast accuracy instead. In this study, we studied the rough polarization
matrix seismic attribute reduction, the principal component seismic attributes
reduction and covering rough set seismic attributes reduction. By comparing
these methods, the study further illustrated their different applicable conditions,
results, advantages and defects. Simulation tests and actual applications proved
that seismic attributions reduction can not only reduce multiple solutions but
also improve the accuracy of oil-gas prediction and the speed of processing,
its effect is remarkable in oil-gas prediction. Being faster speed of the principal
component seismic attributes reduction and higher precision of the covering
rough set seismic attribute reduction, both of them have been widely applied
to oil-gas prediction. 2014/06/14 - 18:50

In this study, we have demonstrated two schemes for the generation of millimeter-wave
(mm-wave) using optical frequency sixupler with a dual-electrode modulator (MZM).
For scheme one and scheme two, the phase of RF signal is shifted by 180 degrees,
drives the two electrodes of MZM at different bias levels and then high order
sidebands is removed by optical bandpass filter. Theoretical analysis and simulation
results show that the performance of millimeter-wave for scheme two is better
than that of scheme one. 2014/06/14 - 18:50

The point of view of three different business approaches (Canadian, Chinese
and Russian) is discussed in this study. More specifically, this study researched
the influence of staff nationality on Human Resource on information technology,
examined and compared Canadian and Russian Hi-technology enterprises based in
China. After a review of extant literatures in organizational structure and
innovation, a list of four dependent variables (including innovation, business
intelligence, competitive intelligence and liaison team) was compiled and employed
in a questionnaire survey. These grouping variables were analyzed from the perspective
of Canadian and Chinese staff from Canadian enterprises based in China and contrasted
with Russian and Chinese staff from Russian enterprises based in China. In addition,
the grouping variables were split into positions at the organization structure
level. Data on 181 Canadian enterprises based in China 246 employees and data
on 193 Russian enterprises based in China 247 employees during 2011-2013 confirmed
the impact of nationality on innovation. The analysis includes “confirmatory
factor analysis” as reliability analysis and Kruskal-Wallis tests (using statistical
package for the social sciences software) as one-way analysis of variance by
ranks the independent (grouping variables) variables impacted on the depended
variables. Overall the results show significant differences in the influence
of Canadian staff and Chinese staff from russian enterprises based in China
within the four variables in two cases, only a partial effect was identified.
It is hoped, the results of the study will help to provide international enterprises
guidance in selecting human resource in order to find better solutions to current
challenges with innovation in the organization. 2014/06/14 - 18:50

The availability of information in electronic forms and the availability of
automatic translation machines has led to increased cross-language plagiarism.
Manual detection of cross-language plagiarism is difficult, as such, developing
an automatic system to detect such plagiarism is necessary. Although, there
are a number of studies on detecting cross-language plagiarism in the form of
Euro-English, Malay-English and Indonesian-English, there remains few studies
concerned with the detection of Arabic-English cross-language plagiarism. This
study proposes an Arabic-English cross-language plagiarism detection tool using
the Winnowing algorithm. We evaluate its performance in terms of precision and
recall on a data set consisting of Wikipedia articles. The performance of the
proposed tool proved good with 97% precision, 81% recall and 89% F-measure evaluation
metrics. The results show that the Winnowing algorithm can be used effectively
to detect Arabic-English cross-language plagiarism. 2014/06/14 - 18:50

In this study, a class of coupled memristive neural networks of neutral-type
with stochastic perturbations via., pinning adaptive control in order to achieve
synchronization is studied. The analysis in this study employs the differential
inclusions theory, linear matrix inequalities and the lyapunov functional method
and some criteria are obtained to guarantee coupled memristive neural networks
of neutral-type with stochastic perturbations can achieve synchronization. Furthermore,
numerical examples are given to show the effectiveness of our results. 2014/06/14 - 18:50

This study first describes the problems which occurred when using optical flow
algorithm in robot navigation. Then, an improved optical flow algorithm was
proposed and a navigation algorithm for visual obstacle avoidance of autonomous
mobile robot was developed. By improving the optical flow algorithm, a path
optimization algorithm based on the Bessel curve by bat algorithm for path planning
was developed. In the first part of this study, we will describe the methods
to obstacle avoidance when using optical flow algorithm. Then we will focus
on the improvement measures to optical flow algorithm. Finally, the improved
optical algorithm was used on P3-DX mobile robots platform to test the effectiveness
of the proposed algorithm. The experimental results indicate that the proposed
method is effective and feasible. 2014/06/14 - 18:50

In order to reduce the number of observations to signal when the shifts occurs
in the process, this study proposed the Exponentially Weighted Moving Average
(EWMA) median control charts with Variable Sampling Size (VSS). Give the distribution
function of the median value assume that the distribution of observations from
a process is normally distributed. Then using the Markov chain method to establish
a model to calculate the average number of observations to signal (ANOS) of
median control chart. Finally, compare the ANOS of the new model with that of
the conventional fixed sampling size EWMA control chart and VSS EWMA mean control
chart. The data showed that, the designed new model can effectively reduce the
ANOS when the process is out of control. That is to say, the new model effectively
improves the efficiency of the monitoring process, shifts can be discovered
in a shorter period of time which make a great significance to the actual production. 2014/06/14 - 18:50

In this study, we propose a joint spectrum sensing scheme for Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs) based on joint spatial and temporal spectrum sharing under Primary User (PU) inference constraint. Compared with temporal spectrum sharing and spatial spectrum sharing, joint spatial and temporal spectrum sharing can exploit more spectrum holes and thereby improve the throughput of secondary system. In the proposed sensing scheme, the mechanism for deriving spatial spectrum hole is given as MIFTP-JSTS (MIFTP based on joint spatial and temporal sensing). The relationship between the spatial and temporal spectrum sensing is revealed. For CRNs with specific periodical spectrum sensing, tradeoff exists between the performances of spectrum sensing and spectrum sharing. An optimization problem is formulated to optimize the performance of spectrum sharing in CRNs and the optimal sensing duration can be derived. Through simulation results and analysis, advantage regions exist for CRNs based on joint spatial and temporal spectrum sharing. 2014/05/19 - 19:43

Current organizational vulnerabilities primarily originate
from web applications. Security holes in web applications have led to credit
card theft and damage to the financial resources of institutions. Existing literature
shows that dependability attributes are the solution for security vulnerabilities
in web applications. However, efforts to measure dependability attributes remain
under investigation. This study aims to measure the vulnerabilities that affect
the dependability attributes by Vulnerability Assessment Tools (VATs). VATs
are utilized to identify vulnerabilities in current web application systems.
The assessment is performed based on six dependability attributes: Availability,
reliability, confidentiality, integrity, safety and maintainability. The assessment
provides methods and strategies that solve the lack of measuring dependability
attributes of web applications. The assessment results will also realize the
awareness of software development industries on the effect of neglecting dependability
attributes in the software development process. 2014/05/19 - 19:43