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Antropologia kulturowa Socjologia Psychologia Zdrowie i medycyna

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Biologia, biologia molekularna i genetyka

Technologia cyberprzestrzeni, cyberkultura, media i komunikacja

Wiadomości | Gospodarka, biznes, zarządzanie, ekonomia

Budownictwo, energetyka, transport, wytwarzanie, technologie informacyjne

Asian Journal of Marketing

  • Mobile phones have grown to be the most widely used portable device in the
    world. Mobile phones’ usage is
    rapid growth to the public in India. Moreover, the understanding of the people
    toward adoption of information technology in 3G mobile phones’
    usage shows relatively low in India. So, it is vital to find out the exact situation
    among consumers’ intention to
    adopt 3G mobile phones. This study investigates consumers’
    awareness and perceived ease of use and their influence of information technology
    adoption in 3G mobile phones. The results show that the two hypotheses are valid.
    Based upon the research findings, implication, limitations and suggestions for
    future research are drawn, which include a proposition of a way forward in addressing
    the consumers’ adoption on information
    technology toward 3G mobile phones’
    usages in India. 2014/03/01 - 15:06
  • Atmospherics has received increasing attention from marketing scholars. However,
    most of the prior studies investigated single dimensions of atmosphere. Comprehensive
    studies including multi dimensions of the retail environment is still limited.
    Furthermore, there are still limited studies addressing how shopping motives
    may influence the evaluation of atmospheric cues. Moreover, most of the prior
    studies have been carried out in developed countries. This study aims to contribute
    to literature on atmospherics by investigating how consumers shopping motivations
    influence the evaluation of design, ambient and social factors of the retail
    environment. The study further examines if the influence of age and gender on
    evaluation of atmospheric cues differs with respect to shopping motivation.
    The study was carried out in an emerging market and a non-Western context. Analysis
    of 325 questionnaires reveals that, evaluation of design and ambient factors
    differs with respect to shopping motivation. Whereas, consumers both with hedonic
    and utilitarian shopping motives, evaluate social factors as equally important.
    Results also show that age and gender do not affect the evaluation of atmospheric
    cues for consumers with hedonic shopping motives. Findings can be beneficial
    for academicians and practitioners working in the fields of marketing and retailing
    by providing a holistic perspective of retail atmospherics, by highlighting
    the importance of shopping motives in designing retail environment and by implying
    when age and gender can make a difference. The findings can also inspire further
    studies to be carried out in emerging markets, to expand and enrich the literature
    of retail atmospherics. 2014/03/01 - 15:06
  • The purpose of this research is to investigate the joint effects of two types
    of country of origin-brand origin and product origin-on persuasion as well as
    the underlying psychological processes. Results from two experiments show that
    brand origin moderates the effect of product origin on consumer attitude. In
    the presence of high-quality brand origin, consumers actively process information
    on the product origin such that high-quality product origin leads to more positive
    attitudes than low-quality product origin. However, in the presence of low-quality
    brand origin, information on the product origin becomes less relevant and has
    little influence on consumer judgment. Further, consumer involvement is shown
    as the key driver underlying the interplay of brand origin and product origin
    on persuasion. 2014/03/01 - 15:06
  • Social networking is a currently one of the most powerful new levers of political change. This study discusses the role of a number of factors related to social networking tools on the digital revolution of Tunisia “revolution 2.0” in months 2011 and its impact on changing policy environment. Social network-related factors appear to have a positive impact on Tunisians’ attitudes toward social change, which, in turn, supported their individual and aggregate behavior, leading to the revolution. 2013/02/12 - 16:42
  • Nowadays, consumers have a tremendous variety of products to choose from in hypermarkets. The majority of hypermarkets offer corporate brand extension products at an affordable price as a way to attract consumers to purchase more. This research has looked into how the consumers express self-personality through hypermarket brand extension products. The scope of this research is based on consumers as respondents in three main hypermarket outlets in Melaka, Malaysia. In order to ensure the precision of this research outcome, the focus is restricted to five main product categories: (1) beauty and health care products, (2) carbohydrate products, (3) clothes, (4) frozen foods and (5) light food and beverages. All of these products are available in almost all hypermarkets that use the retail brand name on the product label. 2013/02/12 - 16:42
  • The use of the mobile Internet has been increasing rapidly. Pharmaceutical industry is beginning to leverage digital to build brand awareness. Pharmaceutical companies can now deliver product message through the usage of mobile directly to doctors. Research was conducted in Mumbai-financial capital in India with large doctor’s population. Doctors selected were general practitioners and consultants. They were selected at random basis. Objective was to find out the usage among busy doctors and how this tool can be useful to Pharmaceutical companies. Application of mobile marketing can be used as a tool to reach busy doctors .Gender, education, ease of application, type of practice, class of physicians and experience does influence its acceptance and utility of mobile. This study is a first attempt at testing the importance of mobile marketing in healthcare in improving communication between patients and doctors and how Pharmaceutical companies can bridge the gap. 2012/03/17 - 17:35
  • Second Life (SL) is one of the fastest growing and leading 3D virtual worlds working in online environment. The purpose of this paper is to investigate online marketing opportunities in SL virtual environment. The case study of real word companies such as IBM, Intel, Nissan, Coca cola and Cisco was performed in SL to learn their online marketing success. Online conversation was also performed with company representatives to explore their experiences to conduct online marketing activities. The findings show that SL is a suitable technical platform for real world companies for business promotion. SL was found suitable for technological development, brand promotion, resource management and market strategy. 2012/03/17 - 17:35
  • The concept of guerrilla marketing subsumes a set of different innovative advertising instruments which aim at gaining a large effect with a small budget. Although these instruments are more and more often applied by practitioners, there is barely scientific discussion about the concept. Therefore, this study describes the evolution of the current understanding of guerrilla marketing as an attempt of gaining the attention of a large number of recipients at relatively low costs by means of a surprise effect and a diffusion effect. The study highlights how different guerrilla instruments (ambient, sensation, viral, buzz and ambush marketing), try to evoke these effects. Finally, since there is rare empirical evidence about the efficacy of guerrilla marketing, the paper outlines a conceptual framework and several propositions for further research from consumer behavior perspective and managerial perspective. 2011/10/26 - 13:34
  • Interactive broadcasting elaborates the realization of novel next generation network technologies, able to provide multiple interactive multimedia and Internet based services, utilizing Digital Video Broadcasting advances. On the other hand, IP multimedia subsystem is a promising solution that may be adopted in next generation networks providing advanced capabilities and added value data services. In this context, this study investigates interactive broadcasting systems and IP multimedia subsystem convergence and proposes a novel research rationale which could be adopted towards optimizing interactive marketing. The proposed approach may enable for a more efficient process of collecting and analyzing feedback data from users/viewers. This process is vital for optimum marketing and advertising purposes, since potential information data, collected by utilizing sophisticated technologies, may be used effectively to target customers in a more efficient way. 2011/10/26 - 13:34
  • . 2011/10/26 - 13:34
  • This study attempts to examine the impact of bundling on customer loyalty from a relational perspective. Based on the investment model, we propose an integrated model incorporating price discount, product complementarity and relational investment in the bundling-loyalty process. The model is tested with the consumer dataset provided by China Telecom. By controlling for age, gender, commitment to values and prior spending records, the findings confirms a moderated mediation model in that either price discount or product complementarity elicits an indirect and positive impact on customer loyalty via relational investment. However, with higher levels of complementarity of bundle components, the effect of price discounts on customer loyalty are attenuated. Theoretical contributions and managerial implications are also discussed. 2011/03/26 - 10:48
  • This study aims to explore a particular way to improve the effectiveness of corporate advertising. In light of the contextual priming theory, this study creates a controllable advertising context by purposively placing a corporate advertisement (a prime) preceding a product advertisement (a target) of the same brand in print magazines. The hypotheses are tested among Chinese consumers. Results indicate that corporate ads yield favorable brand evaluations among consumers; however, not all socially responsible or humanitarian themes elicit equal degree of favorable brand evaluations. A high-applicability theme would generate more favorable brand evaluations than a low-applicability theme; the overall brand evaluations resulting from the low-applicability condition reveal no difference from those generated from the product-ad-only condition. In addition, this study finds that corporate advertising elicits affective priming effects, by which corporate ads trigger consumers’ positive feelings and thereby influence their subsequent evaluations of product information. Overall, this study has provided a fresh perspective in advancing research in advertising effectiveness concerning the long-standing issue of linking corporate advertising to corporate performance. 2011/03/26 - 10:48
  • The purpose of this study was to investigate the retailers pricing practice and the use of psychological pricing, particularly the prevalence of 9-ending prices, in a non-Western market. Prices, a total of 4,788 prices from 13 modern retail chain stores in Bangkok, Thailand, altogether with low-price cues, collected from retailers’ in-store promotional brochures are analyzed and tested for their relationships. Findings indicate that the use of 9-ending prices dominates the retailers pricing decision. The 9-ending prices are used to communicate low-price appeal as the relationship between the use of 9-ending prices and discount claims is positive. However, not all low-price claims required the use of 9-ending prices, a negative relationship between 9-ending prices and reference prices is reported in this study. As several pricing research has been conducted in Western markets, this research expands our understanding of the retailer’s pricing practices and the use of 9-ending prices with different low-price cues in the Asian context. 2011/03/26 - 10:48
  • Marketers have always used technology to advance their art. As the end of the first decade of the twenty-second century nears, it is already apparent that technological advances will continue to change how marketing is practiced. This study looks at how four promising innovations may impact marketing in the future. Specifically, this study discusses how two advertising practices-advergaming and product placement-will increase in importance due to socioeconomic and technological factors such as the growing popularity of online games and digital video recorders DVRs. 2011/02/03 - 02:49
  • not available 2011/02/03 - 02:49
  • The aim of the study was to examine the impact of marketing innovation on creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the financial sector. The current research was based on empirical approach. A random sample of 200 respondents’ was drawn from ten Jordanian commercial banks. A self administrated questionnaire was employed to collect the required data. A number of hypotheses were formulated for this purpose. Frequency analysis, descriptive analysis and one sample t-Test were used to analyze the data. The findings of the study show that there existed positive relationship between innovative marketing mix, management perception, customer involvement, innovative marketing information and creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Based on the results a number of recommendations were proposed and suggestions for future studies were made. Our contribution is that this is the first empirical research of it's kind in the region that tackles in a specific way the impact of (1) innovativeness in marketing mix (pricing, promotion, product and place) (2) management perception and support for the process of marketing innovation (3) customer perception and involvement in the process of marketing innovation and finally (4) innovativeness in marketing information, on the potential of creating a sustainable competitive advantage for financial institutions. 2011/02/03 - 02:49
  • SMS advertisement has become one of the popular digital promotional applications in the contemporary markets. While, the opportunities afforded by this method of advertisement seem readily apparent, little is explored regarding the competitive advantage this media could offer to enterprisers and, relatively this aspect has not been investigated substantially in the gulf market. The research was carried at different levels to test the five hypotheses derived from the review of past research. Surveys, interviews and focus group were the major tools used to collect primary data. Parting into two stages the first stage of survey focused on 276 mobile subscribers purposively selected from the directory of Etisalat and Al Tayer Group. The second stage of survey covered 100 respondents, conveniently selected from the first sample; but, at the same time included in the list of regular recipients of Al Tayer Group's SMS messages. A close-ended questionnaire grouped under two sections was used to collect the data. Each respondent registered his/her level of agreement on a balanced rating scale ranging from (1) high (2), medium (3) and low. The questionnaire was administered in two major gulf hubs, namely Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Suitable statistical tools such as Likert scale and Chi-Square test were used to draw meaningful conclusions. The competitive strength model demonstrated in this study highlights the potential of SMS advertisement in gulf markets. The findings tend to support business enterprises in their promotional strategy to tow in SMS advertisements into the UAE market, acknowledging the e-services offered by Etisalat. 2011/02/03 - 02:49
  • In pursuit of excellence it is increasingly important to identify demands and values of customers. Service quality has been identified as one such demand. Thus, the purpose of the current study is to develop a multidimensional scale to measure service quality of higher education. A questionnaire consisting of 43 items was developed to measure the construct and its dimensions. Construct validation using exploratory factor analysis showed an interpretable latent structure consisting of twelve factors. Thus it is concluded that service quality in higher education setting comprises of twelve factors such as visual appeal, outcome, campus, reputation, input quality (students), industry interaction, support facilities, input quality (faculty), inter personal relationships, curriculum, academic facilities and processes. 2011/02/03 - 02:49