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Advances in Geosciences (ADGEO)

Advances in Geosciences (ADGEO) to jedno z czasopism Open Access wydawanych przez Copernicus GmbH (Copernicus Publications) w imieniu European Geosciences Union (EGU)

Urban MEMS based seismic network for post-earthquakes rapid disaster assessment,

Advances in Geosciences, 40, 1-9, 2014,

Author(s): A. D'Alessandro, D. Luzio, and G. D'Anna 2014/09/26 - 07:05

The 2013 Earthquake Series in the Southern Vienna Basin: location,

Advances in Geosciences, 36, 77-80, 2014,

Author(s): M.-T. Apoloner, G. Bokelmann, I. Bianchi, E. Brückl, H. Hausmann, S. Mertl, and R. Meurers 2014/08/27 - 22:58

Integration of onshore and offshore seismic arrays to study the seismicity of the Calabrian Region: a two steps automatic procedure for the identification of the best stations geometry,

Advances in Geosciences, 36, 69-75, 2014,

Author(s): A. D'Alessandro, I. Guerra, G. D'Anna, A. Gervasi, P. Harabaglia, D. Luzio, and G. Stellato 2014/08/23 - 23:21

Dune dynamics and roughness under gradually varying flood waves, comparing flume and field observations,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 115-121, 2014,

Author(s): J. J. Warmink 2014/08/08 - 07:27

Impact of a tsunami generated at the Lesser Antilles subduction zone on the Northern Atlantic Ocean coastlines,

Advances in Geosciences, 38, 43-53, 2014,

Author(s): J. Roger, A. Frère, and H. Hébert 2014/07/26 - 07:11

OGS improvements in 2012 in running the North-eastern Italy Seismic Network: the Ferrara VBB borehole seismic station,

Advances in Geosciences, 36, 61-67, 2014,

Author(s): D. Pesaresi, M. Romanelli, C. Barnaba, P. L. Bragato, and G. Durì 2014/07/23 - 10:34

Particle tracking modeling of sediment-laden jets,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 107-114, 2014,

Author(s): S. N. Chan and J. H. W. Lee 2014/06/29 - 14:41

The Interreg IV Italia-Austria "SeismoSAT" project: connecting seismic data centers via satellite,

Advances in Geosciences, 36, 57-60, 2014,

Author(s): D. Pesaresi, W. Lenhardt, M. Rauch, M. Živčić, R. Steiner, P. Fabris, and M. Bertoni 2014/06/06 - 21:22

Preface 8th Alexander von Humbolt Conference of EGU Topical Conference Series "Natural Disasters, Global Change, and the Preservation of World Heritage Sites",

Advances in Geosciences, 35, 169-171, 2014,

Author(s): K. Tokeshi 2014/05/26 - 13:51

Turbulent and viscous sediment transport – a numerical study,

Advances in Geosciences, 37, 73-80, 2014,

Author(s): O. Durán, B. Andreotti, and P. Claudin 2014/05/07 - 18:52

Coordinated management of coastal hazard awareness and preparedness in the USVI,

Advances in Geosciences, 38, 31-42, 2014,

Author(s): R. A. Watlington, E. Lewis, and D. Drost 2014/04/30 - 18:18

Regional assessment of the multi-decadal changes in braided riverscapes following large floods (Example of 12 reaches in South East of France),

Advances in Geosciences, 37, 57-71, 2014,

Author(s): B. Belletti, S. Dufour, and H. Piégay 2014/04/23 - 13:35

Transport capacity and saturation mechanism in a real-space cellular automaton dune model,

Advances in Geosciences, 37, 47-55, 2014,

Author(s): X. Gao, D. Zhang, O. Rozier, and C. Narteau 2014/04/23 - 13:35

Environmental Risk Assessment of dredging processes – application to Marin harbour (NW Spain),

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 101-106, 2014,

Author(s): A. G. Gómez, J. García Alba, A. Puente, and J. A. Juanes 2014/04/03 - 22:08

A 3-D model to analyze environmental effects of dredging operations – application to the Port of Marin, Spain,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 95-99, 2014,

Author(s): J. García Alba, A. G. Gómez, R. O. Tinoco López, M. L. Sámano Celorio, A. García Gómez, and J. A. Juanes 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Long term evolution of a dam reservoir subjected to regular flushing events,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 89-94, 2014,

Author(s): L. Guertault, B. Camenen, C. Peteuil, and A. Paquier 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Study on hydraulic resistance of erodible bed at the Chiyoda experimental flume,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 81-87, 2014,

Author(s): T. Kakinuma, T. Inoue, R. Akahori, and A. Takeda 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Fine sediment dynamics in the Río de la Plata,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 75-80, 2014,

Author(s): M. Fossati, F. Cayocca, and I. Piedra-Cueva 2014/04/03 - 22:08

On the sensitivity of tidal network characterization to power law estimation,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 69-73, 2014,

Author(s): M. Jiménez, S. Castanedo, Z. Zhou, G. Coco, R. Medina, and I. Rodriguez-Iturbe 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Morphodynamic modelling for the entire German Bight: an initial study on model sensitivity and uncertainty,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 61-68, 2014,

Author(s): A. Plüß and F. Kösters 2014/04/03 - 22:08

How kilometric sandy shoreline undulations correlate with wave and morphology characteristics: preliminary analysis on the Atlantic coast of Africa,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 55-60, 2014,

Author(s): D. Idier and A. Falqués 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Hydrodynamics of a small trained tidal inlet (Currumbin Creek, Australia),

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 45-53, 2014,

Author(s): S. Shaeri, R. B. Tomlinson, A. Etemad-Shahidi, D. Strauss, and L. P. Hughes 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Displacement-based error metrics for morphodynamic models,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 37-43, 2014,

Author(s): J. Bosboom and A. J. H. M. Reniers 2014/04/03 - 22:08

A theoretical analysis of river bars stability under changing channel width,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 27-35, 2014,

Author(s): S. Zen, G. Zolezzi, and M. Tubino 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Turning the tide: mutually evasive ebb- and flood-dominant channels and bars in an experimental estuary,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 21-26, 2014,

Author(s): M. G. Kleinhans, T.M. van Rosmalen, C. Roosendaal, and M. van der Vegt 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Relative role of bed roughness change and bed erosion on peak discharge increase in hyperconcentrated floods,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 15-19, 2014,

Author(s): W. Li, Z. B. Wang, D. S. van Maren, H. J. de Vriend, and B. S. Wu 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Repeated erosion of cohesive sediments with biofilms,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 9-14, 2014,

Author(s): K. Valentine, G. Mariotti, and S. Fagherazzi 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Acoustic measurements of a liquefied cohesive sediment bed under waves,

Advances in Geosciences, 39, 1-7, 2014,

Author(s): R. Mosquera, V. Groposo, and F. Pedocchi 2014/04/03 - 22:08

Effects of 2010 Hurricane Earl amidst geologic evidence for greater overwash at Anegada, British Virgin Islands,

Advances in Geosciences, 38, 21-30, 2014,

Author(s): B. F. Atwater, Z. Fuentes, R. B. Halley, U. S. Ten Brink, and M. P. Tuttle 2014/03/07 - 12:22

Recent advances in research on the aeolian geomorphology of China's Kumtagh Sand Sea,

Advances in Geosciences, 37, 41-46, 2014,

Author(s): Z. Dong and P. Lv 2014/02/19 - 15:47

The Grain-size Patchiness of Braided Gravel-Bed Streams – example of the Urumqi River (northeast Tian Shan, China),

Advances in Geosciences, 37, 27-39, 2014,

Author(s): L. Guerit, L. Barrier, C. Narteau, F. Métivier, Y. Liu, E. Lajeunesse, E. Gayer, P. Meunier, L. Malverti, and B. Ye 2014/02/12 - 12:54

A coral-rubble ridge as evidence for hurricane overwash, Anegada (British Virgin Islands),

Advances in Geosciences, 38, 9-20, 2014,

Author(s): M. Spiske and R. B. Halley 2014/01/28 - 14:24

An accessibility graph-based model to optimize tsunami evacuation sites and routes in Martinique, France,

Advances in Geosciences, 38, 1-8, 2014,

Author(s): M. Péroche, F. Leone, and R. Gutton 2014/01/23 - 19:40

Weather and climate socio-economic impacts in Central America for the management and protection of world heritage sites and the Diquis Delta culture in Costa Rica (a case study),

Advances in Geosciences, 35, 157-167, 2014,

Author(s): J. A. Amador and E. J. Alfaro 2014/01/11 - 21:26

Mapping hazards from glacier lake outburst floods based on modelling of process cascades at Lake 513, Carhuaz, Peru,

Advances in Geosciences, 35, 145-155, 2014,

Author(s): D. Schneider, C. Huggel, A. Cochachin, S. Guillén, and J. García 2014/01/06 - 16:52

Zonal concentration of some geophysical process intensity caused by tides and variations in the Earth's rotation velocity,

Advances in Geosciences, 35, 137-144, 2014,

Author(s): B. Levin, A. Domanski, and E. Sasorova 2014/01/06 - 16:52

Hydro- and morphodynamics in curved river reaches – recent results and directions for future research,

Advances in Geosciences, 37, 19-25, 2013,

Author(s): K. Blanckaert, G. Constantinescu, W. Uijttewaal, and Q. Chen 2013/12/18 - 14:46

Reconstructing the Late Palaeozoic – Mesozoic topographic evolution of the Chinese Tian Shan: available data and remaining uncertainties,

Advances in Geosciences, 37, 7-18, 2013,

Author(s): M. Jolivet, G. Heilbronn, C. Robin, L. Barrier, S. Bourquin, Zh. Guo, Y. Jia, L. Guerit, W. Yang, and B. Fu 2013/12/18 - 14:46

Tracer dispersion in bedload transport,

Advances in Geosciences, 37, 1-6, 2013,

Author(s): E. Lajeunesse, O. Devauchelle, M. Houssais, and G. Seizilles 2013/12/18 - 14:46

Testing and optimization of the seismic networks of Campi Flegrei (Southern Italy),

Advances in Geosciences, 36, 49-55, 2013,

Author(s): A. Tramelli, C. Troise, G. De Natale, and M. Orazi 2013/11/29 - 19:32